Early in their careers, Keanu Reeves and Leonardo DiCaprio both had the same sad problem.


The really famous actors are both Keanue Reeves and Leonardo DiCaprio.

They have shown that a number of positions can be done. In the 1990s, both became breakout stars and enjoyed success in different films.

Even, having a foothold in acting wasn’t always easy.

And both, at the beginning, faced the same difficult problem.

To escape school, Leonardo DiCaprio wanted to behave

Leonardo DiCaprio’s childhood was not the best. When he was a toddler, his parents divorced and he was raised mostly by his mother, although throughout his life he remained close to his father.

DiCaprio didn’t grow up with much income. His mother was a clerk, and he once told the Los Angeles Times, according to The Independent, that he grew up “very poor” near a “big prostitution ring.” DiCaprio also added that it was not unusual for him to see in his neighborhood “people smoking crack and shooting heroin”

DiCaprio attended a public school he hated in the LA region, so he always convinced his mother to take him to auditions for acting.

The acting career of Keanu Reeves almost never materialised.

To become an actress, Keanu Reeves dropped out of high school

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Reeves relocated in 1970 to Toronto, Canada. He attended four separate high schools, and chose to concentrate on a career as a field hockey player during that period. Nevertheless, Reeves felt attracted to acting, and he eventually decided to quit school to pursue acting after changing schools several times (and being expelled once).

Reeves was not an American citizen, but his father was born in Hawaii, which, when he wanted to move to the United States, made it easier for him to receive a green card.

Reeves moved to California three years after dropping out of school to begin his career.

Because of their distinct sounding names, DiCaprio and Reeves were denied acting

There was once a time when neither DiCaprio nor Reeves knew if they would ever have a career in acting, although it’s hard to imagine now.

DiCaprio decided to get out of the high school he was living in, and he chose acting instead, although he considered majoring in marine biology. DiCaprio, however, had trouble finding an agent, let alone having a gig, and his name was always the subject of discussion.

One agent suggested, according to Biography, that DiCaprio change his name, like Lenny Williams, to something easier to remember.

DiCaprio refused for 30 years and fast-forward – clearly he didn’t need a name change.

When he began acting, Keanu Reeves had to contend with the same offending question – his name sounded too distinctive. Several agents recommended that he change the name, and Reeves finally relented even though he initially resisted.

He wanted to change his name to Chuck Spadina, according to Parade, and while it might have been easier to pronounce than Keanu, it was definitely not what he wanted. He was then advised against it by his agents, and he instead considered the name Templeton Page Taylor. However, in the end, he chose to maintain his birth name.


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