Eamonn Holmes laments a woman’s misery of noisy neighbors. ‘It makes me feel like a prisoner.’


Eamonn Holmes laments a woman’s misery of noisy neighbors. ‘It makes me feel like a prisoner.’

On Wednesday’s This Morning, EAMONN HOLMES expressed his sorrow as a viewer came in to beg for guidance on how to deal with her obnoxious neighbors.

On Wednesday, Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford continued to host This Morning while Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were on vacation. Deirdre Sanders urged viewers to ring in with their “nightmare neighbor” troubles for Wednesday’s phone-in. Eamonn, on the other hand, was taken aback when one caller said she felt “like a prisoner” in her own home.

“How does this effect you?” Eamonn inquired. Their dogs are rambunctious, as are their children, and they speak in a rambunctious manner.

“I’m sure life isn’t much pleasure for you; how is this affecting you?”

“It’s not very pleasant at the moment with the weather, I can’t go outside in the garden and enjoy it,” the caller responded.

“I had to cover the windows inside yesterday merely to watch TV because there were large booming voices cursing at the youngsters for screaming,” says one witness.

She continued, “I had to close the windows and I simply feel like a prisoner after getting out of lockdown.”

“It’s extremely alarming, and I’m also concerned for the animals and children; it’s not a pleasant environment, and it’s just spilling over into everyone’s peace and quiet.”

This Morning listeners were amused earlier in the show when Eamonn made a light-hearted poke at Deirdre.

Fans of the show were encouraged to contact the agony aunt with their complaints about their neighbors.

“One cross word and everything escalates,” Deirdre said.

“That’s the problem with this program, it’s always depression, anguish, awfulness, and rows, and she is the supplier of it all,” Eamonn explained.

“She comes in and smears it all around there,” he remarked, pointing to Deirdre.

The agony aunt retorted, “This is the issue phone-in, Eamonn.”

Eamonn joked, “Mrs Misery there,” and Ruth added, “A problem shared is a problem halved.”

The presenter’s witty conversation with Deirdre had This Morning viewers laugh out loud.

“Mr Misery, Doctor Chris, and Mrs Misery, Deirdre #ThisMorning,” one tweeted.

Another user tweeted, “EAMONN BLASTS DEIRDRE LIVE ON #ThisMorning.”

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“Mrs Misery, did that just happen?” someone else inquired.


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