Eamonn Holmes has dubbed Ruth Langsford ‘territorial’ and has ‘banned’ her from her room at home.


EAMONN HOLMES has admitted that his wife Ruth Langsford “waits” on him at home, as he’s banned from the kitchen.

TV star Eamonn Homes has said that the kitchen in his home is wife Ruth Langsford’s “domain,” as he is not a very good cook. Fortunately, the 61-year-old This Morning presenter admitted that being banned from the kitchen has suited him quite well, as it means that his spouse will wait on him.

“She is so territorial, she just bans me from the kitchen,” Eamonn said during a recent interview.

“It used to be I would come in and say, ‘Can I help?’ ‘No you cannot – go away.’

“And I sort of thought that suits me. I will sit there and be waited and served on.

“It’s an exclusion zone. It is her domain,” he went on to tell the Daily Star.

Despite being banished from his own kitchen, Eamonn is currently presenting a cookery programme.

He is fronting Farm To Feast, a six-part series on BBC One Northern Ireland, which sees talented cooks creating dishes with local ingredients.

Eamonn is joined by Michelin star chef Danni Barry and food critic Joris Minne for the new show, which is also available on the BBC iPlayer.

He also admitted that he’d turned down an appearance on The Great Celebrity Bake Off recently.

“Not only do I know nothing about baking or cooking, I couldn’t physically move around at that point,” he told Belfast Live.

This year Eamonn has faced a number of health issues, one of which has left him in chronic pain and relying on a walking stick to get around.

The father-of-four suffered three slipped discs and at the time, he said it was the worst pain that he’d “ever experienced.”

Because of his limited mobility, Eamonn had to turn to his wife for help.


“Not being able to bend down, reach, pick up things when I drop them, put things in the right place, and keep a sense of order has been frustrating, shameful and humbling.

“Without help, without Ruth, I wouldn’t be able to cook or clean up after myself,” he previously told the publication.

Ruth and Eamonn, who work side-by-side on This Morning, have been a couple for just over two decades.

They tied the knot in 2010 and share one son.

The pair are parents to Jack, 19, while Eamonn shares three. “Brinkwire Summary News”.


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