Eamonn Holmes angrily dismisses a viewer who questioned whether cleaners should be paid more.


Eamonn Holmes angrily dismisses a viewer who questioned whether cleaners should be paid more.

EAMONN HOLMES was enraged when a viewer on This Morning expressed a “unpopular opinion” about why cleaners should be paid more.

After a Twitter user posted their “unpopular opinion” regarding toilet cleaners, Eamonn Holmes, 61, was less than impressed. It comes after he and his wife Ruth Langsford appeared on This Morning to discuss how toilet attendants should be paid more for a job that few people want to undertake.

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Eamonn Holmes is an Irish writer.

And it appears that their conversation elicited a response from many viewers, who flocked to social media to congratulate them for raising awareness about the situation and honoring present cleaners.

“Sitting on my break watching @EamonnHolmes talking about toilet cleaners & how they should be the most paid!” one ardent follower wrote on Twitter.

“My colleague and I fully agree, and we can’t thank you enough for supporting those like us who clean toilets on a daily basis!”

Eamonn responded quickly, calling her and her colleagues “heroes.”

He yelled, “Heroes Tracey!”

“You should be among the country’s top earners.”

While some agreed with and supported his viewpoints, one had a burning question about why “unskilled” labour should be given a higher wage.

“Why should they be handsomely paid?” they began, despite the fact that it was an unpopular opinion.

“It’s low-skilled labor; you don’t need a degree to clean a toilet or mop a floor?”

But Eamonn was eager to dismiss any suggestions to the contrary, saying that a cleaner’s job should pay more.

Eamonn Holmes OBE (@eamonnholmes) shared a post.

“Please #### off,” he yelled angrily.

“These people perform tasks that few others do, such as cleaning up after those who won’t or can’t do it for themselves.

“Diane, they’re Hygene Heroes.”


With no response to Eamonn’s matter-of-fact response, the Twitter user retaliated in a petty manner, pointing out that the host had misspelled the word “hygiene,” which he chose to overlook.

Eamonn has been routinely updating ITV viewers and his social media followers on his ongoing fight with persistent back pain over the last few months.

The presenter was diagnosed with the condition earlier this year as a result of a dislocated pelvis, which resulted in.


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