Eamonn Holmes, 61, was left ‘panicking’ after a doctor told him shingles may cause him to go blind.


Eamonn Holmes, 61, was left ‘panicking’ after a doctor told him shingles may cause him to go blind.

After a doctor told Eamonn Holmes, 61, that shingles could cause him to go blind, he was left ‘panicking.’

EAMONN HOLMES recounts his “terror” when his doctor told him that his agonizing shingles could lead him to go blind.

When the doctor told Eamonn Holmes, host of This Morning, that the shingles he had been diagnosed with could cause him to go blind, he was taken aback. When Eamonn, 61, saw himself in the mirror with red scars all over his face, he described it as “waking up in a horror movie.”

The presenter was diagnosed with the illness in 2018, but only recently opened up about it in order to raise awareness and avoid others from going through what he did.

“When I first saw myself in the mirror with shingles, I quickly sprang back and said, ‘What the heck is this?'” he recounted.

When I awoke, I felt like I was in a horror movie.”

He continued, “The thought of blindness came as a terrifying jolt not long after.”

“When I informed my doctor it was on my face, the first question he asked was, ‘Is it near your eyes?'”

‘Don’t touch your eyes since it could destroy your vision and cause you to go blind.’

‘Come down here and show it to me,’ says the narrator.

“It was panic stations,” he told The Mirror.

When a person’s immune system is weakened, chickenpox reactivates in the body, causing shingles.

The virus persists in people’s bodies after they acquire chicken pox, but only certain circumstances, such as stress or specific therapies like chemotherapy, can trigger it to turn into shingles.

Although shingles or chickenpox cannot be passed from person to person, the chance of getting or experiencing the illness rises dramatically beyond the age of 50, as the immune system begins to decline.

According to Eamonn, the illness was brought on by stress.

Last month, the presenter posted a photo of himself after he was diagnosed with the cancer in 2018 with his 746,000 Instagram followers.

In the photo, his face was red and bloated, and there were visible wounds and scars on his skin.

He thanked ITV News and Loose Women for allowing him to use the message to raise awareness of the illness.

The host also stated that the time he took off work to recover from the shingles was partly necessary because he could not work. “Summary of Brinkwire News.”


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