Dylan Keogh’s new lover is revealed in a heartbreaking twist, so is it a casualty affair?


In a heartbreaking twist, Dylan Keogh’s new lover is revealed.

As he tries to move on from his ill-fated relationship with colleague Faith Cadogan, CASUALTY’s Dylan Keogh could be set to start a romance with a new character on the BBC medical drama.

When it comes to romance on Casualty, Dylan (William Beck) has never had it easy, with trouble always lurking around the corner whenever he has a love interest.

The beloved character’s most recent romantic venture on the BBC medical drama was with Faith (Kirsty Mitchell), but the pair hasn’t been able to get back on track since her husband’s death.

Unfortunately, during Saturday night’s episode of the television show, she will try to move on from it all, but her actions may inspire Dylan to do the same as he forms a bond with a newcomer.

The drama begins when Faith and Stevie Nash (Elinor Lawless) go out on the town to ring in the New Year and hopefully meet some interesting people.

Faith is hesitant to get into the party mood with her children at home, but an attractive man catches her eye, and she appears to be on her way to her first one-night stand.

At the same time, viewers will meet Paige Allcott (Shalisha James-Davis), a newcomer who works at the same bar as Faith.

She flirts with several of the punters while dressed as a police officer, but she intervenes when she notices a man stealing money.

Unfortunately, she is admitted to the Holby City Emergency Department as a patient as a result of the situation’s conclusion.

She’s not only a patient, but she’s also scheduled to join the team as a new F1 doctor later in the shift, making her introduction memorable.

As her colleagues begin to doubt her ability to stay in the ED, she ends up assisting the criminal who attempted to steal money, explaining that no one cares about him.

She takes matters into her own hands, and Dylan tells her to stop being so naive and stay away from the patient.

Paige refuses to listen, and it appears that she was correct in ignoring Dylan’s demands, as she discovers the criminal in a serious state.

Despite the fact that she saves his life, Dylan is not impressed with the newcomer, and the two enter.

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