‘DWTS’ Disney Night: Cody Rigsby’s comeback act impresses the audience but not the judges.


Cody and partner Cheryl make their return in person after Covid recovery on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ on ABC

ABC’s long-running and much-loved reality dance competition is back with the fourth episode of Season 30. ‘Dancing With The Stars’  follows the dance journey of a bunch of actors, celebs, influencers, and more from the entertainment world. The competition is getting harder every week with the contestants bringing in their A-game.

Ill fate struck contestant and fitness guru Cody Rigsby when he along with partner Cheryl Burke tested positive for Covid-19. Last week saw the two perform separately at their homes. This technicality didn’t work in their favor with the judges finding it hard to keep up with the two’s separate movements on the screen. Rigsby ended up with the lowest score of 18 out of 30. Luckily fan sympathy worked in his favor to save him from elimination. For Disney Heroes Night, we saw him dancing the Jive to “Stand Out” from “A Goofy Movie”. Here’s what fans and the judges thought of Cody’s performance.

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Marking their return to the ballroom Cody put on a funky performance. Judge Carrie Ann said her favorite part was the Mickey Challenge. She advised him to finish his moves saying well done. She scored him a seven. Judge Len was quite direct and said it was too side by side and that there wasn’t enough jive, saying he was a bit disappointed. He gave them a six. Judge Derek called it a great performance but said it needs more kicks and energy. He scored them a seven. Judge Bruno said Cody’s power surge nearly blew his fuse calling it a great performance. He gave them a seven as well for a total of 27 out of 40.

A viewer said, “Why are the judges always so hard on Cody when him and Cheryl have done incredible each week?! Also performing like that right after Covid?! WOW #DWTS #BooCrew”. Another fan commented, “Cody and Cheryl are back with a vengeance #DWTS”. A viewer said, “Honestly…what do the judges have against Cody? #DWTS”.

A user commented, “The #DWTS judges overly love everyone tonight and totally hate on Cody. What is up with that?!?! #boocrew”. Another commented, “WHY is len so rude to my boo cody #dwts”. A fan also said,” also the way Cheryl and Cody were just critiqued ARE YOU KIDDING ME #DWTS


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