‘DWTS’: Did James Van Der Beek foresee years earlier the outcome of his time on the show?


Actor James Van Der Beek is probably best known for his starring role in Dawson’s Creek, the hit WB teen drama series. He was cited for it when he competed on “Dancing with the Stars,” However, because of another role, Van Der Beek may have seen his involvement in the reality show coming.

Best known for ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is James Van Der Beek.

In ‘Dawson’s Creek’, Van Der Beek became famous for playing the title character.

Dawson Leery is a teenager who lives in Massachusetts, in the fictional town of Capeside. He dreams of becoming a cinematographer.

As well as the lives of his friends and family, the series portrays his teenage and early adult years.

The teen drama turned Van Der Beek and his co-stars into celebrities overnight. ‘I have been chased down the street since my first autograph,’ he told James Corden in 2017. “I couldn’t go to malls. Girls were squashed against barricades.” Van Der Beek shot the hit movies “Varsity Blues” and “The Rules of Attraction” while still working on the series.

He later starred in Apartment 23 in ‘Don’t Trust the B—.’

The work of Van Der Beek slowed down considerably after the finale of ‘Dawson’s Creek’ in 2003. In television series such as How I Met Your Mother, One Tree Hill and Mercy, he had guest appearances and recurring roles. He appeared in some relatively obscure movies as well. It was not until nearly 10 years after the end of Dawson’s Creek that another key acting role was secured by him.

In the ABC sitcom Don’t Trust the B— In Apartment 23, Van Der Beek depicted a version of himself. This James, unlike the real Van Der Beek, is a party animal who’s a little full of himself. He’s still looking for the next role that will take him away from his fame as an A-list actor in Dawson’s Creek to solidify his status.

Van Der Beek was a ‘Dancing with the Stars’ contestant.

‘DWTS’: After his elimination, James Van Der Beek thanks viewers “for the outrage” and says the show needs a little more “get its act together”

Van Der Beek’s TV career continued after “Don’t Trust the B” was canceled after two seasons. In a few more short-lived episodes, including Friends With Benefits and CSI: Cyber, he starred. He also appeared in season 1 of Pose.

And in 2019, as a participant, Van Der Beek participated in the 28th Dancing with the Stars season.

The actor, who danced alongside Emma Slater, was part of a party that included Lamar Odom, a retired NBA player, Sean Spicer, a former White House press secretary, and Hannah Brown of the Bachelor Nation. Prior to the final broadcast, Van Der Beek was the final contestant eliminated, finishing in fifth place.

The storyline of ‘Don’t Trust the B’ had him on ‘DWTS’.

It is not shocking that Van Der Beek participated in “Dancing with the Stars.” He was actually among the 2019 season’s most famous contestants.

The surprising thing about his decision, though, is that it was expected, in a way.

That’s because the fictitious James competed on the reality show during the Don’t Trust the B.

From James’ agreement to compete in the competition to his disastrous premiere flop, the plot runs through most of the season. Don’t trust the B to air in the wrong order, but the story is better told in the episodes “Whatever It Takes,” “The Leak,” “Shitagi Nashi,” “Bar Lies” and “A Weekend in the Hamptons”


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