Dwayne Myers has been named as Florence Cassell’s replacement in Death in Paradise.


Dwayne Myers has been named as Florence Cassell’s replacement in Death in Paradise.

Florence Cassell, a fan favorite on DEATH IN PARADISE, is set to leave the program in a special forthcoming episode, and will be replaced by none other than Dwayne Myers.

During season 10 of Death in Paradise, Florence (played by Josephine Jobert) returned to reprise her role as Detective Sergeant. Since then, she’s been collaborating with DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little) on a number of murder investigations, and the two have formed a strong bond. However, she will be absent during the inaugural Christmas special of the BBC show, as Dwayne (Danny John-Jules) is called in to assist the crew in Saint Marie.

Dwayne will make his long-awaited comeback as Florence goes to spend time with her family to commemorate the show’s tenth anniversary.

After four years away from the action, the former police officer will return to the fray, but will he be able to help the squad solve the case?

Despite the fact that she would be absent from the proceedings, the Detective Sergeant will appear in a narrative as her affections for Neville manifest.

The two have been battling their connection, but everything will be revealed in the holiday episode.

Following the fallout from the admissions, the bosses have promised some surprises, which will set the tone for season 11.

Dwayne will leave after his guest spell, and Florence will be back on the island of Saint Marie by the beginning of next year.

When asked about his comeback to the show, the actor who plays Danny, 60, expressed his excitement for what’s to come.

“It’s always a pleasure traveling back to the Caribbean,” the former Strictly Come Dancing judge stated. And, after four years away, I should be able to seamlessly reintegrate into the cast, as I am familiar with all of the new main characters.

“I’m excited to bring Dwayne and this tenth-anniversary special script to life,” he said, with executive producer Tim Key offering more specifics.

It’s always a joy to see you.

Danny John-Jules is a character in the film Danny John-Jules

The show’s executive producer began, “We’ve been talking about a Death in Paradise Christmas episode for years.”

“As a result, we’re ecstatic to be developing one and working with Danny once more.

“We won’t be able to.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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