During the heat wave, how to get rid of undesirable flies in wheelie bins.


During the heat wave, how to get rid of undesirable flies in wheelie bins.

HEATWAVES have resulted in thousands of steamy wheelie bins in recent weeks, attracting unpleasant insects and stinky bin juice – but one woman claims to have a solution.

@sisterpledgecleans, a TikTok user, recently became popular after exposing a life hack that has become a “unconscious standard practice” for her. The lady argues that her ruse will put an end to a problem that plagues the country every time the weather warms up.

The cleaning enthusiast can be seen in the video washing out two little wheelie bins with water.

She cleans them and then sprinkles a generous amount of table salt in the bottom of each bin.

“Here’s a terrific technique for stopping flies in your bins,” she explains as she does so.

“In the bottom of clean bins, sprinkle a healthy amount of table salt.

“The salt soaks up any lost fluid, and flies and maggots die when they eat it.” The video has been viewed over four million times and liked by over 400,000 people since it was posted.

The relatively simple hack has received a lot of positive feedback from TikTokers who want to implement it.

“Oh thank you!!!!” exclaimed one. “If this works, I will be eternally grateful.” One hilarious TikToker added: “It takes a few years to take effect.” They die of excessive blood pressure,” said one viewer.

“Add baking powder and it won’t smell,” one suggested. “I put a puppy pad at the bottom of the bin, soaking side up,” another said. There has never been a problem! ”


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