During her affair with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher met Paul Simon


There was a whirlwind romance between Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon that lasted 12 years.

Fisher spoke fondly of Simon after their breakup and blamed herself for the breakup.

In her 2008 book, Wishful Drinking, the actress opened up about their friendship.

Fisher was a young actress before meeting Simon, who had just landed her breakthrough role in Star Wars.

At the same time, she started a secret affair with Harrison Ford, her co-star.

A glimpse at Carrie Fisher’s and Harrison Ford’s affairs.

For 40 years, Fisher and Ford kept their affair a secret.

Fisher was 19 years old during their relationship. Fisher explained in her 2016 memoir “The Princess Diarist,” that when she met Ford, she had just one boyfriend.

Although the 33-year-old actor was married with two children, while they were on location, he kissed Fisher at a party.

The actors saw each other from then on for three months before the shooting was completed.

“It was so intense,” said Fisher to People. “It was Han and Leia during the week and Carrie and Harrison on the weekends.”

In this Jan. 4, 1983, photo, Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon leave New York’s Music Box Theatre. Ray Stubblebine’s photo. #OTD pic.twitter.com/D9rdDdJ7kP- Dr. Jeffrey Guterman (@JeffreyGuterman) January 4, 2021 How Billie Lourd felt about her affair with Harrison Ford after reading Carrie Fisher’s memoirs

Fisher harbored hidden feelings for Ford during the affair.

During the filming of the first “Indiana Jones” movie, because she thought the “cold” star was “aloof,” and “Star Wars” she kept a diary. Fisher wrote in the diary that Ford was never going to be’ happy’ with her. She also fantasized that, once she knew she could make him laugh, Ford would leave his wife.

This moment could really be a game-changer. Harrison could leave his wife in anticipation (but respectfully and responsibly).

And he would marry me (in an unsentimental, tasteful way) after a scarcely visible, dignified period of time,” Fisher wrote. Subsequently, by remaining together for the remainder of the life of the first to die, we will amaze others – including ourselves.

And all because I dared to impersonate him at the pub one night, for him!

While filming ‘Star Wars’, Carrie Fisher met Paul Simon

Why wouldn’t Mark Hamill spend years talking to Carrie Fisher?

Fisher met Paul Simon, a musician, in 1977. Simon had already had hits with his band, Simon and Garfunkel, when they first met.

Fisher and Simon were instantly drawn to each other, according to a biography.

In Wishful Drinking, Fisher described their meeting.

“Years ago, there were tribes that roamed the earth, and each tribe had a magical person,” she wrote. “Now, as you know, all the tribes have scattered, but every once in a while you meet a magical person, and every once in a while you meet someone from your tribe. That’s how I felt when I met Paul Simon.”

Shortly after they met, Fisher and Ford’s affair ended. However, it is unclear whether meeting Simon changed Fisher’s views about Ford.

After the filming of Star Wars ended, Ford remained married to Mary Marquardt until 1979.

Paul Simon was the only husband of Carrie Fisher

Simon and Fisher’s relationship intensified after they met again on the set of Saturday Night Live.

The couple kept meeting, and Fisher’s substance abuse reportedly became a problem for Simon.

After six years together, the two parted ways.

During their split, Fisher didn’t blame her past for the breakup.

“It wasn’t like that at all,” Fisher told The Washington Post in 1987. “It was an issue, but it wasn’t the issue.

There are so many things that cause a relationship to fail.”

Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon’s tumultuous love affair detailed in Homeward Boundhttps://t.co/668g4PewVj pic.twitter.com/Xk1VVDgLHC- People (@people) December 27, 2016 Harrison Ford said Carrie Fisher’s memoir about their affair was “weird

After their first breakup in 1982, Fisher and Simon began to miss each other.

They decided to marry in a star-studded ceremony in 1983. However, the couple divorced in 1984.

“Poor Paul,” Fisher wrote in her memoir. “He had to put up with a lot with me. I think eventually I fell under the rubric of ‘good anecdote, bad reality.’ I was really good for material, but when it came to daily life, I was more than he could bear.”

Fisher died of cardiac arrest in 2016.

How to get help: In the U.S., contact the Substance Abuse and Menta helpline


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