During exit talks, Naughty Boy is given’separate meals’ in the I’m A Celebrity camp.


During exit talks, Naughty Boy is given’separate meals’ in the I’m A Celebrity camp.

According to reports, NAUGHTY BOY gets fed’separate meals’ from the rest of his I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! team. As the star struggles to adjust to life in the Castle, his campmates are “off-camera.”

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I have to get out of here! Naughty Boy, whose real name is Shahid Khan, was one of ten celebrities invited to Gwrych Castle in Conwy. Beyonce, Emeli Sandé, Rihanna, and Sam Smith are among the artists with whom the music producer has collaborated. Following a tough night in The Clink, Naughty Boy claimed he “woke up traumatized” and was left “questioning” if he should be there in Tuesday’s episode. For the time being, Naughty Boy is still at camp, albeit it has been alleged that he gets fed differently from the rest of his co-stars.

According to a source, the musician is Muslim and can only eat Halal cuisine.

He can participate in eating trials, which normally entail eating creepy-crawlies, but he will not be offered non-Halal meals.

“The lunches will be served to Naughty Boy by the production team,” an unnamed insider added.

“But it won’t be shown on camera,” they continued to The Sun.

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If his camp wins dinner after a Bushtucker Trial, Naughty Boy will not be required to consume any pork products due to religious considerations.

Instead, it’s said that the singer will be served specially prepared chicken or lamb dishes.

ITV has been contacted for comment by this website.

On ITV News’ series Young, British, and Muslim, the award-winning music producer opened out about his faith.

Naughty boy, happy of his accomplishments, spoke to ITV about his faith. “I’m so much more comfortable now to talk about being proud of being Pakistani, being proud of being Muslim because I’ve got a CV,” he added.

He went on to say, “Those songs were offered without me trying to sell my skin color.”

This isn’t the first time that ITV producers have served a celebrity a different dinner while in camp.

When Olympian Sir Mo Farah and professional boxer Amir Khan appeared on the show, they were also served Halal dinners off-camera.

On Tuesday’s edition of I’m A Celebrity, it was revealed that…

I have to get out of here! As part of the latest Bushtucker Trial, Naughty Boy faced up against Snoochie Shy.

Tensions were visible to ITV viewers. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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