During an intense honeymoon argument, Carrie Fisher once told Paul Simon “I don’t like you personally”


For over a decade, Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon have been a couple.

The couple opted to get married in 1983 despite their turbulent on-again, off-again relationship. However, in 1984, they filed for divorce.

Fisher explained in her 2008 book, Wishful Drinking, how she knew her marriage was in trouble before it officially started.

Carrie Fisher spent seven years living with Paul Simon before they got married.

During the late 1970s, Fisher met Simon.

When Fisher was filming Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Dream, the pair first got together. She was also involved in a double affair with Harrison Ford, her co-star.

Simon was in a relationship with the actress Shelly Duvall when he met Fisher, according to InStyle. Despite this, for seven years, the two dated on and off.

For the majority of the relationship, Fisher lived with Simon.

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Fisher and Simon got married after a brief engagement to “Saturday Night Live” star Dan Akroyd.

The couple’s wedding took place in New York City at Simon’s flat. Lorne Michaels, Teri Garr and Billy Joel were among the stars.

According to People, Fisher commented on “the journey she and Simon took to get to the altar,” at the wedding.

“Let’s just say we had a whirlwind romance, and the storm has finally passed,” she said.

On their honeymoon, Carrie Fisher even disagreed with Paul Simon

Homeward Bound reveals fresh knowledge about the turbulent love affair between Paul Simon and Carrie Fisher https://t.co/B2qYLu7cBD pic.twitter.com/3i3nPXc2dH- People (@people) October 11, 2016 Carrie Fisher said her book about her Harrison Ford affair felt like an ambush.

The good moments between Fisher and Simon were not to last, sadly. She and Simon got into an explosive argument shortly after their wedding, Fisher wrote.

The debate took place on their honeymoon when they were. However, the debate didn’t last long, as the couple realized they were being stupid.

“We had an argument once (on the honeymoon) where I said, ‘I don’t just not like you; I don’t like you personally!’ We tried to keep the argument going after that, but we were laughing too hard.”

Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon had “one perfect thing about them”

After the honeymoon, Fisher and Simon’s arguments persisted.

On multiple topics, including Fisher’s drug problems, the couple disagreed. While the actress acknowledged she had issues before she married Simon, she didn’t believe her marriage was over. However, in her memoir, she shared that on a day-to-day basis, she was too much for Simon.

“I was good for the material, but when it came to daily life, I was more than he could bear,” Fisher wrote.

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In December 2016, Fisher died of cardiac arrest.

She wrote a biography before her death, called Homeward Bound.

In the novel, author Peter Ames Carlin recounted that Simon and Fisher had a link for the rest of their lives that connected them.

“There was always something perfect about them when they understood each other, the way they snuggled, the way he grounded her, the way she could make him laugh so easily,” Carlin wrote. “And he loved her, with a desperation that could scare him.”


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