During a rare visit, Prince Harry ditches his “famous grin” in favor of seeming “serious and regal.”


During a rare visit, Prince Harry ditches his “famous grin” in favor of seeming “serious and regal.”

Last night’s GQ Awards saw Prince Harry make a surprise appearance, speaking to the crowd via video conference from his home in Los Angeles. The prince complimented scientists for their work on the Oxford Vaccine while accusing the media of spreading “massive disinformation” about the vaccine.

Last night, September 1, the British GQ Men of the Year Awards were held at the Tate Modern in downtown London. Jonathan Heaf, British GQ’s Chief Content Officer, asked Prince Harry to reveal the final prize winners after working closely with the magazine over the past year.

Harry came by video conference from his home in Los Angeles, speaking live.

Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, Dr Catherine Green, and the entire team behind the creation of the Oxford, or AstraZeneca, vaccine received the final award from the Duke of Sussex, who was dressed in a customary black velvet tuxedo.

The Prince praised the scientists’ outstanding accomplishments over the past year.

“It gives me great pleasure to introduce our last recipients, who you will immediately recognize for their groundbreaking contribution to the fight against COVID-19,” he stated.

Professor Sarah Gilbert, Doctor Catherine Green, and the entire team of dedicated Oxford scientists are our heroes of the evening.

“Their groundbreaking Oxford Vaccination research has given the world one of our most powerful instruments for attaining vaccine equity.”

The Prince then went on to discuss vaccine apprehension and who he believes is to responsible.

“Families around the world are being swamped by mass-scale misinformation across news media and social media, where people peddling lies and fear are instilling vaccination hesitation, which is splitting communities and undermining trust,” he said.

Despite his smile and the fact that he sat in front of a big bouquet of yellow flowers, one expert thought Harry’s speech was “serious” and that his body language suggested he was a “expert” on the topics he raised.

“Appearing on two enormous screens and clearly attempting to connect with the theme of the event with his bow tie and massive flower arrangement in the background, Harry keeps his body language minimum to deliver a very pointed lecture about vaccines to his audience,” said Judi James, a body language expert.

“This is a fairly stiff and regal pose, with no obvious signs of the kind of playful approach you’d anticipate at a magazine awards ceremony.

“Harry sits slightly slumped, his shirt dangling off his shoulders.

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