During a fire in a Las Vegas showroom, Elvis Presley painted sculptures black to ‘integrate’ the space.


During a fire in a Las Vegas showroom, Elvis Presley painted sculptures black to ‘integrate’ the space.

While bored during a fire, ELVIS PRESLEY painted some of the statues in the Las Vegas Hilton showroom black to help “integrate” the venue.

The International Hotel, which became a Hilton in 1971 and is now known as Westgate, was where Elvis Presley played his Las Vegas residency in the early 1970s. The Elvis Country Fan Club’s Georgann Reynolds is a tremendous fan of The King and has seen him perform in the hotel’s showroom several times. After a recent interview, she described how Elvis was transported downstairs to the showroom one night during a fire, when he blackened the skin of the Marie Antionette statues to the right of the stage.

Reynolds told Elvis specialist Billy Stallings Spa Guy in the video below how a fire broke out on the 26th and 27th floors where she was sleeping one night (not to be confused with the iconic 1981 blaze).

“We were evacuated, and Elvis was evacuated because he was on the 30th floor [in his penthouse apartment], and everyone in between was removed,” she explained.

“They let us down on the elevators first, so we came down first. The rest of the group had to take the stairs. I’m pretty sure Elvis didn’t, but whatever… ‘Elvis is in the showroom!’ someone exclaimed.

“Here we are, walking across the Hilton hotel lobby in our nightclothes, and they refuse to let us in.”

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“So the next night, all our clothes were soot-covered, so we’re waiting for our clothes to be washed so we can go to the show,” Reynolds continued. I mean, there was soot all over the place.”

Her clothes were eventually finished, and she and her other admirers went to see Elvis Presley perform.

“Well, last night I came down to the showroom,” The King stated from the stage.

“He never mentioned the fire or being evacuated or anything like that,” Reynolds continued.

“I didn’t have anything to do, so I discovered some black paint back here, and I’ve always despised this showroom,” Elvis continued.

“I purchased this black paint and chose to incorporate the Las Vegas Hilton showroom,” says the artist.

“I remember it being hands, too,” Reynolds recalled. Skin was everywhere [on the statues], he said.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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