During a DIY project, a man discovers a mystery note in a bottle from the 1970s hidden behind a wall.


During a DIY project, a man discovers a mystery note in a bottle from the 1970s hidden behind a wall.

Matt Streatfeild of New South Wales, Australia, discovered the intriguing note in a bottle left by builders about 50 years ago, outlining what life was like at the time.

A man repairing his home discovered a cryptic letter in a bottle that revealed what life was like nearly 50 years ago.

During a DIY project at his home, Matt Streatfield came found the letter from builders while knocking down two walls.

He was curious to read the letter from the plasterers who created the walls, dated April 5, 1974.

It was created to provide future generations a glimpse into living in the mid-1970s.

Workers at Newcastle Interior Linings in Australia, which still exists today, were paid $106 AUD (£57) per week, according to the letter.

And the bottle was one of the first to be measured in metric, with one imperial pint equaling one metric litre.

The employees were also mentioned, and Matt, from New South Wales, was able to locate one of the plasterers, Ron Niddre, 66.

“You often hear about messages in a bottle,” Matt added, “but you never think you’ll find one in your home between two walls.”

“One of these tiny souvenirs has paid off,” Ron told NBN News.

“The fact that it had been 47 years was even more shocking.”

“We are waiting for our weekly wages, which are $106.00 (£57) gross,” the note said.

“The bottle is one of the early metric bottles, and it is equal to one imp pint as we begin a metric conversion.”

Matt stated that when the new wall is completed, he will place the bottle between the two walls and write his own message to future generations.

“We’re going to put the old bottle that we found from 1974 alongside that piece of history when we re-sheet this wall,” he said.

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“Little face mask from 2021, with a little summary of how my life has been for the past several years.”

It comes after a woman reconnected with the author’s daughter after discovering a 100-year-old message in a bottle.


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