Duncan James, the Blue singer, is bracing himself for online backlash over Botox and weight gain.


Duncan James, the Blue singer, is bracing himself for online backlash over Botox and weight gain.

DUNCAN JAMES has said that after getting Botox and gaining a few pounds in preparation for a TV appearance, he expects to face internet harassment and trolling.

Duncan James, 43, of Blue, has stated that he is bracing himself for backlash over his recent weight gain and Botox procedures. The All Rise singer spoke on Good Morning Britain this morning, where he discussed social media harassment and urged for tougher verification methods.

Before I went in, I was a little heavier and had a little Botox.

Duncan James is a character in the film Duncan James

Since breaking into the public eye as a member of the noughties boyband Blue, the star has been subjected to online abuse.

Duncan has now disclosed that he is mentally ready for the teasing he expects as a result of his recent weight gain and Botox injection results ahead of his debut appearance on BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef later this month.

Duncan was asked about the online harassment he’s received by GMB presenters.

“It’s actually terrible,” he said. Because I had a little more weight on there and had a little Botox before I went in, I’m probably going to get a lot of abuse after MasterChef.”

Duncan squeezed the top of his bridge of his nose to reveal where he had the procedure, revealing that he was still waiting for the injections to settle.

“So I’ve got a bit of the old brow thing going on because it hadn’t settled,” Duncan explained.

He yelled, “One thing I’ve learnt is, never go on national television with fresh botox!”

The popstar asked for stronger social media verification methods in response to the online vitriol he’s received.

“Trolling on the internet is disgusting. “I believe that verification is required,” Duncan stated.

“If you’re going to say something, you’ve got to own it.”

“If you go on television and say you’re going to be crucified, something has to change,” he concluded.

Duncan went on to say that he isn’t the only one in his family who has experienced internet harassment.

“I have a 16-year-old daughter who has experienced trolling in her life; it is not pleasant for anyone,” he stated openly.

Earlier this year, the Blue star opened up about the “suffering” he’s had to go through since being diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome.

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