Due to tennis icon Billie Jean King, Lorraine Kelly will be unable to compete in the NTAs in 2021.


Due to tennis icon Billie Jean King, Lorraine Kelly will be unable to compete in the NTAs in 2021.

LORRAINE KELLY will be unable to attend the National Television Awards 2021 this evening due to a scheduled interview with a “great figure.”

Lorraine Kelly, 61, was asked if she would be attending the renowned ceremony this morning by colleagues ITV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. However, due to prior work commitments, the ITV star has stated she will not be attending this year’s NTAs.

Lorraine wished Holly and co-host Alison Hammond, 46, well as their show, This Morning, is up for an award, with Holly and co-host Alison Hammond, 46, being nominated for best presenter.

“Will we see you there?” Phillip inquired of Lorraine.

“No,” Lorraine replied.

I’m interviewing an incredible big legend, and the only time we can do it is at the NTAs.”

“Who is it?” Holly said, interrupting her. “Do you know who it is?”

“Can’t you tell us who it is?” Phillip persisted.

Lorraine finally gave in and said, “Yes, I’ll tell you who it is.”

“It’s Billie Jean King,” she says. “Isn’t that thrilling?”

The discovery astounded Phillip and Holly, who advised Lorraine to “enjoy it.”

Lorraine has thrown her support behind fellow ITV star Kate Garraway, whose documentary Finding Derek has been nominated in the Authored Documentary category, despite not being able to attend the glamourous award presentation tonight.

Kate’s husband Derek Draper’s coronavirus battle is chronicled in this one-off show.

During today’s Good Morning Britain, Kate expressed her feelings regarding the nomination.

She claimed that it was a “weird experience” for her and that she was undecided about attending the event.

“It’s a very unusual experience because the National Television Awards 2020 was the final time we were all there,” Kate stated through tears.

“GMB was nominated, and I’m A Celeb was nominated if you remember if I ever did the jungle.

“Derek babysat for the kids that night, and I recall stepping up on stage because I’m A Celebrity had won.

“I remember contacting him and saying, ‘I wish you were here because I’ll probably never be on this stage again,'” she says.

“I had no idea the National Television Awards, like everything else, was under siege or what was in store for us both,” she concluded.

“To be honest, I’ve been feeling very emotional and have been debating whether or not to go.

“It just feels wrong to leave. Asking people to.”Brinkwire Summary News” feels terrible.


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