Due to ‘harrowing’ Covid measures, Lord Sugar’s septum has been broken.


Due to ‘harrowing’ Covid measures, Lord Sugar’s septum has been broken.

LORD SUGAR joked that performing “79” Covid tests as part of The Apprentice’s strict pandemic protocols resulted in a broken septum.

Lord Alan Sugar, star of The Apprentice, has revealed that he broke his septum while filming the latest series of the popular BBC show.

The 16th season will premiere on January 6th, with contestants competing for a £250,000 investment from the 74-year-old business magnate.

I think I’ve done 79 Covid tests at the moment.

Lord Sugar is a wealthy man.

However, in a new interview, the Hackney native describes how he was left with a broken septum as a result of following Covid protocols, which included extensive testing.

The TV personality outlined the conditions that had to be met in order for the show’s 16th season to go ahead.

Lord Sugar also revealed the staggering number of Covid tests he conducted in advance of filming the show.

“The Covid protocol, to put it simply, was harrowing,” he said.

He admitted, “I think my last count was 79 Covid tests.”

“I don’t have Covid, but I do have a broken septum in my nose here,” the business mogul told The Mirror and other publications.

Karren Brady, his co-star and a business executive, also spoke out about working under strict Covid rules, explaining that they were necessary to keep everyone safe.

“I think it was a mammoth task in and of itself,” she said, “keeping everyone safe was the priority of the production team and everyone involved.”

She went on to say that even when the cameras weren’t rolling, measures like social distancing, mask-wearing, and constant testing were used.

Following Piers Morgan’s remarks about this year’s honours list, Lord Sugar slammed him.

Piers expressed his disappointment on Twitter, telling his 7.9 million followers that he was “disappointed” and that he “will have to wait” for his turn.

“I’m disappointed that I didn’t make the honours list this year,” he wrote.

“It’s baffling they haven’t rewarded me with at least a knighthood for services to holding miserably mediocre ministers to account after all I’ve done for this government.”

“‘Sir Piers’ will have to wait,” says the narrator.

Piers’ comments enraged Lord Sugar, who replied to his tweet by saying, “Knight’s are a very.

“Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”

I think my last count I’ve done 79 Covid tests

Lord Sugar


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