‘Dreams do come true!’ says the narrator. After a millionaire’s assistance, Rich House Poor House exhibits mum’s business.


‘Dreams do come true!’ says the narrator. After a millionaire’s assistance, Rich House Poor House exhibits mum’s business.

RICH HOUSE POOR HOUSE returned to Channel 5 tonight, when Kiptieu Sheriff was revisited a year after swapping lifestyles with rich businessman Adam Stott on the show.

Kiptieu and her three daughters moved in with Adam and his father Ian. Kiptieu’s husband had sadly died, leaving her alone in South-East London to raise their daughters.

Kiptieu and her daughters were astonished to learn that their weekly spending money would be £1620.16 in the original Rich House Poor House. This was in contrast to the £71.27 she regularly got by on, which Adam and his father had to stretch to last a week.

That wasn’t the only surprise in store for the two groups, as they were also forced to live together.

Ian and his son resided in a four-bedroom home in Essex, and Adam talked about his professional accomplishments.

Adam flaunted his new Bentley and said that he lived on the “most affluent road in Essex,” and that his job required him to travel across the world and mingle with celebrities.

Kiptieu, on the other hand, resided in a cramped council apartment in London’s Abbey Wood neighborhood.

In contrast to Adam’s fast-paced profession, Kiptieu recently stated that she was laid off due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Kiptieu and her hard effort wowed the audience.

“She appears to be such a beautiful lady – she doesn’t have much yet puts everyone before her,” one user remarked.

Another person commented on her food delivery service, saying, “Wow. To bring pre-ordered food, I traveled 17 kilometres on public transportation. It’s truly inspirational. So much commitment.” After learning of Kiptieu’s husband’s death, Adam stated he wanted to “make an effect and support this individual.”

On day seven, the two eventually met in person and explored the potential of her cooking business, with Adam agreeing to collaborate with her and provide the necessary funds to get it off the ground.

So, how are the two doing a year later?

They sat down with cameras again to reflect on the experience, and Kiptieu said she felt connected to Adam before even meeting him since she learned that his son was the driving force behind his success, and she also revealed that her “why” and motivation came from her daughters.

“Adam is just wonderful with pushing me, telling me, and giving me advise,” Kiptieu remarked in “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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