Dr. Jen Arnold of Little Couple wishes husband Bill Klein a happy birthday and shares photos of their children Will, 12, and Zoey, 9.


Dr. Jen Arnold of Little Couple wishes husband Bill Klein a happy birthday and shares photos of their children Will, 12, and Zoey, 9.

Dr. Jen Arnold of THE Little Couple wished her husband Bill Klein a happy birthday and shared gorgeous photos of her children Will, 12, and Zoey, 9, on Instagram.

Dr. Jen, 47, took to Instagram to wish Bill a happy 47th birthday.

The Little Couple stars appeared to be in good spirits in the first photo, as they smiled together while seated in red seats.

The reality celebrity couple then performed a dance routine on the dance floor.

Bill was holding on to his two children while they splashed around in the pool in the other photo.

In yet another image, the kids relished being in their father’s arms.

“Words cannot explain how much we all love you!” wrote Dr. Jen.

Thank you for becoming a part of my life!”

The TLC artist earlier shared a sweet throwback photo of her two daughters dressed up in their Halloween costumes from 2016.

Will was dressed in an orange tee with a smiling pumpkin face on the front.

His sleeves were likewise adorned with a plethora of laughing pumpkin faces.

Zoey wore a pink headband and a white shirt that stated “Trick or Treat.”

“OMG, I miss these Halloween moments,” she added.

Dr. Jen provided an update on her husband’s elbow surgery on social media during the first week of October.

The TV personality smiled for the camera as he posed near the window of his hospital room, showing off his arm, which was encased in a cast and swaddled in a splint.

“Just like that, Bill is discharged and doing fantastic!” she wrote in the description of her Instagram image.

In his joint, he had a huge fragment of his humerus floating about. Everything is now gone and I’m relaxing. Tomorrow I’ll be back at home.” Bill submitted his X-rays following a bad fall in August that resulted in a shattered bone.

Due to COVID guidelines, the TV celebrity was unable to receive the “elective” surgery he required to repair the crack.

He elaborated: “Fun fact: When I was seven years old, I shattered my right elbow after speeding down a hill on my bike, getting so winded that I blacked out and awoke bloodied and broken.

“Nothing nearly as interesting this time… My head forgot that my legs had never “ran” (to or away from anything, previously, ever), even when chased, during an attempt to avoid a little swarm of wasps… That’s how you put your elbow down on pavers!” It has been four weeks since then. I went back for another X-ray because it wasn’t getting any better.” Bill advised his supporters to get immunized: “Because of my dysplasia, this image most likely includes a few flaws… Can you, however, locate the most recent traumatic damage?” Everyone have a fantastic weekend! And don’t forget to check out Brinkwire Brief News.


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