‘Downton Abbey’: This dramatic episode of season 1 is really based on a real story.


Downton Abbey of Britain is no stranger to suspenseful, emotional and/or romantic stories – all set in the early 20th century setting.

But this rather dramatic Downton Abbey season 1 plot is actually based on a true story.

[Spoiler warning for Season 1 of Downton Abbey, of course].

This “Downton Abbey” season 1 plotline is based on a true story.

One of the most unforgettable and melodramatic Downton Season 1 plots was inspired by actual events, according to The Telegraph.

Each fan will recall the shocking “death of Turkish diplomat Kemal Pamuk in Lady Mary’s bed.” As the two make love, the diplomat experiences a heart attack and dies.

The family then withholds the narrative to prevent it from going viral.

He enjoyed writing this plot, which was actually the family history of a friend of his, according to Downton Abbey founder Julian Fellowes.

The Cheltenham Literature Festival told him, “I enjoyed The Death of Pamuk because it was true,” “The story came from a friend of ours.”

He said the story was discovered by his friend while going through the old belongings of his relatives.

“He had a big house and he was looking through a great-diary aunt’s where he found an account of a visiting diplomat who died,” Fellowes explained further.

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According to The Telegraph, one of the women in the house smuggled a diplomat through a passageway that only led to the women’s quarters, according to the diary entry, which dates back to about 1890. He died in her bed thereafter.

The Season 1 story casts Lady Mary’s character in a different light.

Much like Lady Mary in Downton Abbey, according to The Telegraph, the woman was “absolutely at the end of her rope,” They sprung into action when the other ladies of the house realized that “if this story got out, it would affect them all and there would be a big scandal,”

“To prevent that, they woke up all the other single women in the hallway, and this group of dowagers and debutantes lifted the body and carried it to his own bed,” explained Fellowes.

The author of “Downton Abbey” says the man validated the tale by cross-referencing it with the notes of another family member.

“Our friend looked in his great-diary grandfather’s from the same period and found a note in it that simply said, ‘We had a tragedy.’ Nice Mr. So and So was found dead in his bed.'”

“Those ladies got away with it!” said Fellowes, clearly unbelieving. He kept the story in his pocket for later imaginative use.

“When I heard that story, I thought, ‘One day this will come in handy,'” recalled the Downton Abbey founder.

And it did, apparently.

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In the Downton Abbey season 1 episode, Fellowes picked up on the original plot – women working together to cover up a crime -.

“Mary, Cora and head housemaid Anna return the body to his room and agree not to say anything, but are seen by Daisy, the kitchen maid,”Mary, Cora and head housemaid Anna return the body to his room and agree not to say anything, but are seen by Daisy, the kitchen maid.

Are these not always the most apparently bizarre tales that turn out to be true? Indeed, the truth is weirder than fiction.


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