Douglas Henshall, who plays Jimmy Perez on Shetland, says he ‘deserves a break’ from the show.


Douglas Henshall, who plays Jimmy Perez on Shetland, says the actor “deserves a break.”

As the sixth series of SHETLAND comes to a close next week, actor Douglas Henshall has hinted that a romance for DI Jimmy Perez could be on the cards.

The sixth season of the hugely popular BBC crime drama is now available.

As DI Jimmy Perez continues his investigation on the Shetland Islands, there have been twists and turns around every corner.

However, when asked about a possible romance developing between the lead character and nurse Meg on Lorraine Kelly’s ITV show, Douglas Henshall said no.

Lorraine expressed her dissatisfaction with the detective’s lifestyle, saying, “Poor Jimmy, you know he’s had a hard life on top of dealing with all the murders.”

“He’s bereft of joy, and I’m just wondering if he’d be content with that lovely nurse.”

Murder investigations are currently underway on Scotland’s scenic North Isles, and tensions are running high.

Nobody can be trusted, Lorraine pointed out, including his potential love interest, Meg.

After the deaths of Jimmy’s late wife, Fran, and his mother, the detective has been haunted by memories of his past.

In previous seasons, the detective hasn’t had the best luck with women.

Lorraine, the host, hoped that love would help the character overcome his difficulties.

“If that nice nurse isn’t a baddie because we don’t know yet,” the Scottish host speculated, “everyone is obviously under suspicion.”

“Who knows because she could be a bad guy, but that’s the thing, everyone is suspect.”

“I just like him to have a little joy in his life,” she continued.

Despite the fact that the Shetland detective hasn’t dated since the death of his wife, Alice (played by Catherine Walker) kissed Perez despite the fact that she was already married in season five.

Alice was a newcomer to the Island, and despite the fact that she seemed to know Jimmy from the past, Shetland viewers were shocked when drug smuggling scandals were exposed, exposing Alice and her husband Chris to be at the center of it all.

Douglas, the actor, joked that his character’s happiness isn’t something that many people want to see.

“Well, Lorraine, that’s very nice of you, but there are a lot of people out there who like him miserable,” he explained.

The crime actor admitted that he is aware that people are amused by his sadness as a result of the.

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