‘Doomcoming’ is all drugs, hallucinations, and raunch in this episode of ‘Yellowjackets.’


‘Doomcoming’ is all drugs, hallucinations, and raunch in the ninth episode of ‘Yellowjackets.’

When it comes to taking horror and gore to dizzying new heights, the Showtime drama doesn’t hold back.

There are spoilers for Episode 9 of ‘Yellowjackets,’ titled ‘Doomcoming.’

Even before it reached the halfway point, ‘Yellowjackets’ was renewed for a second season, which puts a lot of plotlines into context.

It’s a real bummer.

The audience will now brace themselves for a sequel.

The penultimate episode, however, sets the tone for a cliffhanger, gripping, and grotesquely enchanting conclusion.

‘Doomcoming’ is terrifying when it depicts the effects of magic mushrooms, particularly when a teen’s stress levels are high, and it also answers some key questions.

Jackie (Ella Purnell) appears to be the mastermind behind everything that is happening to the survivors today.

She has every right to be, especially after being labeled a slob and forced to spend time in the wilderness with the other slobs.

Secrets are revealed, adultery and revenge ensue, all while they are fighting for their lives.

Even as most argue that the Showtime survival drama is actually a psychological thriller, there have been traces of the supernatural thus far.

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The horror in ‘Doomcoming’ is when these teens, under the influence of shrooms, turn into savages and grab Travis, who has just had some steamy sex with Jackie and is practically part of an orgy (Note that these teens believe Travis is nothing more than meat).

The scene switches just as the episode approaches erotica territory, but not before another raunchy segment between Liv and Taissa.

Coach Ben finally comes out as gay, and Shauna murders Adam, and Jeff reveals he was the blackmailer in the present.

But something doesn’t add up.

Jeff may have done it for the money, but it’s unclear whether he is fully aware of everything that has happened in the wilderness.

This brings us back to Jackie’s chance of surviving the crash.

At this time, no details about their rescue have been revealed, making almost everyone alive a suspect.

When it comes to bringing horror and gore to new heights, ‘Yellowjackets’ leaves no stone unturned.

Cannibalism, on the other hand, starts here.

With the berries harvested and the meat skewered, it’ll only be a matter of time before these teenagers turn on one another.

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