‘Don’t use any water!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer a £1 tip for cleaning oil from baking trays.


‘Don’t use any water!’ Fans of Mrs. Hinch offer a £1 tip for cleaning oil from baking trays.

A £1 tip for removing oil from baking trays has been shared by cleaning enthusiasts. The trick, according to Mrs Hinch cliffe, is to “not use water.”

Star of the cleaning industry and a social media sensation Mrs. Hinch is well-known for her cleaning advice. Mrs. Hinch, whose true name is Sophie Hinchliffe, began spreading her housekeeping advice on social media and on television. She now has over 4.1 million Instagram followers and has written her own books.

Her devotees have already formed their own social media groups dedicated to cleaning and organizing advice.

Every day, thousands of posts and comments are made on some of the groups by cleaning enthusiasts.

A cleaning fanatic questioned how she might clean oil from her used baking trays in one of the groups.

“Probably a stupid question, but how do people wipe oil off baking trays or roasting dishes?” she said.

“I’ll wash it, but it’ll still feel greasy, and then my tea towels will be oily – please forgive me.”

Mrs Hinch fans who advised using Fairy Liquid instead of water left 130 comments on the page.

“Don’t add water to anything with grease in it,” one user advised.

“Use Fairy Liquid straight from the bottle and clean with kitchen towels.

“I always do this with frying pans because the water inhibits the fairies from breaking down all of the grease.”

Another individual suggested, “Pour Fairy Liquid onto scourer or directly onto the tin, then scrub.”

“Wipe over with a little neat washing up liquid first and leave it stand for a few minutes, then wash as usual,” a third individual suggested.

“Neat washing up liquid and rub in, then rinse with hot water,” wrote a fourth.

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“Neat washing up liquid into the tray, wet a sponge scourer and massage all over, the washing up liquid will turn white,” another user recommended. There is no grease after rinsing.”

“Do them after everything else, don’t submerge in water, just do the inside by hand with additional fairy and your dishmatic/sponge,” a sixth person said.

“Rinse, then repeat the process. The best suggestion is to use baking paper since you can throw it away, wipe the tin, and be done.”

“Put Fairy Liquid in – DON’T USE WATER – and then scrub with a scrubbing brush,” another Mrs Hinch fan advised. [sic]

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