‘Don’t even think about it,’ says the narrator. Stacey Solomon announces her pregnancy and issues a caution to admirers.


‘Don’t even think about it,’ says the narrator. Stacey Solomon announces her pregnancy and issues a caution to admirers.

STACEY SOLOMON took to social media to celebrate a major milestone in her pregnancy while also offering a warning to worried supporters.

Stacey Solomon, 31, of Loose Women, documented her hen do on Instagram today after her sister snatched her away at the last minute. Following Stacey’s declaration that she and her beau Joe Swash, 39, had decided to postpone their wedding, her sister Jemma, widely known as The Label Lady, was unable to cancel and rebook the celebration event. While on her early hen party, however, the soon-to-be mother shared a pregnancy milestone with her admirers, as well as a warning.

Before you start, let me tell you that I’m relaxing in a hot tub. The water is cool/cold, Wilma.

Solomon, Stacey

The flame-haired actress, who has 4.6 million followers, expressed her joy at the beautiful weather she was having.

The singer, dressed in a floral pink bikini, went for her first swim with her baby belly and didn’t hesitate to share the moment on social media.

“Taking her for her first swim,” she captioned a brief video of her bump’s first plunge on Instagram.

Along with two laughing face emojis, she said, “I adore how light the water makes me feel.”

However, the celebrity reassured any worried fans that, despite the fact that she appeared to be relaxing in a hot tub, the water was actually frigid.

“Before you kick off, Wilma, I’m in a hot tub, the water is cool/ cold,” Stacey continued, followed by a series of heart emojis.

The actress enjoyed splashing about in the icy tub with her sister Jemma in her next narrative.

She smiled and jumped backwards into the water, saying, “I’m so excellent at [playing]dolphins!”

The actress claimed last night that her younger sister had taken her away for a surprise hen do.

“When you’re about to put your PJs on and settle down for the night,” she wrote in a story.

“And then your sister shows up and says she can’t move your hen party, so ‘grab an overnight bag and hop on the party bus, Stace.’”

Then she added an emoji that said, “Send help.”

“When you can’t shift the hen weekend to the year of the wedding that’s been moved,” Stacey’s sister Jemma wrote on Facebook.

“You show up at your very pregnant sister’s house and tell her to.”


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