‘Don’t even think about it!’ Carol Kirkwood’s BBC jibe prompted Jimmy Carr to issue a warning.


‘Don’t even think about it!’ Carol Kirkwood’s BBC jibe prompted Jimmy Carr to issue a warning.

JIMMY CARR was chastised by BBC Breakfast host Dan Walker after he made a joke about Carol Kirkwood’s job on the show.

Jimmy Carr, the UK’s funniest man, spoke with Dan Walker and Sally Nugent about his new book, Before & Laughter: The Funniest Man in the UK’s Genuinely Useful Guide to Life. He was chastised, however, when he criticized meteorologist Carol Kirkwood’s work on BBC Breakfast, claiming that viewers could check the weather themselves.

“I’m not sure why I’m on this morning,” Jimmy explained, “probably the Panama Papers.”

“We’re going to bombard you with questions about that,” Sally said. “Come on,” she says. “Thankfully not,” Jimmy said, laughing. “I learnt my lesson.” “I’ve got a few questions about this show, frankly,” the host continued.

“To tell you the truth, breaking news used to be stuff like 9/11 or Diana’s death; now it’s when the Chancellor makes a comment.”

“To be honest, you overuse breaking news.”

“Has the bar been set too low?” Is that how you’re putting it?” Sally had inquired.

“The threshold is simply too low for breaking news,” Jimmy confirmed. This is now breaking news. “It’s Jimmy on the news.” “Right now, we’re going to raise the bar,” Sally retorted. “Right now, our breaking news is…” As Sally clapped, Jimmy screamed, “Weather,” but he continued, “Let’s go to the weather.” “Have you got a window?” Jimmy asked as Carol arrived on screen. “Take a look out the window; the weather is there.” Dan chastised Jimmy, saying, “Don’t you dare underestimate Carol Kirkwood.” “Don’t listen to him, Carol; you do what you want.” Carol smiled as she said, “Oh bless you, thanks Dan.” “If you’re going to be here all day, that’s probably the best weather forecast.” Jimmy also paid respect to his 8 Out Of 10 Cats colleague Sean Lock, who died earlier this year, on BBC Breakfast.

Sally said, “You mentioned the most lovely thing about him, which was that you hadn’t realized you were like a double act.”

“Well, we’d done like 250 TV episodes together over 15 years, and he was incredible,” Jimmy said. He was the one who made me laugh the most.

“Laughs operate in this way where you mislead people into believing you’re saying one thing and then you flip it around.”

“He had this fantastic blokeish guy demeanor and was doing this bizarre flight of fancy comedy.”

“He was simply great, and I truly miss him,” she says, “but there’s that thing where there’s that.”


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