‘Don’t!’ After being bitten by a beaver, Countryfile host Tom Heap gave a lecture.


‘Don’t!’ After being bitten by a beaver, Countryfile host Tom Heap gave a lecture.

On Sunday night’s broadcast of the BBC wildlife show, COUNTRYFILE viewers witnessed presenter Tom Heap get a nasty bite after getting too close to a beaver.

On Sunday night, Countryfile viewers saw Tom Heap study the impact of restoring long-extinct creatures on the countryside. Tom investigated the benefits and drawbacks of reintroducing beavers around the UK during an edition of the BBC wildlife show. However, Tom was injured when he ventured too close to one of the creatures, as witnessed by the audience.

Reintroduced species, according to wildlife expert Tom, can have modern-day benefits if managed properly.

“Take the eurasian beaver,” he said to the audience. With one of the largest colonies residing on the river otter in Devon, 25 sites around the UK have welcomed them back.”

The presenter stated that the species’ reintroduction had benefitted Devon’s wetland ecology.

He did remind out, though, that the comeback of beavers isn’t universally regarded as a good thing.

During his inquiry, Tom ran up naturalist Derek Gow, who reminded Tom that they had previously met.

He showed viewers a clip from Animal 24:7 from 2009, in which Derek introduced Tom to a beaver.

However, the animal in the video didn’t look too delighted to meet Tom, prompting the presenter to inquire, “Do I need to be concerned about being bitten at all?”

Derek promptly replied, “No,” but he was shortly proven incorrect.

“Well, that’s good because…” Before quickly moving his hand away from the thing, Tom replied.

“Not exactly true then,” the presenter said after being bitten by the beaver.

“No, that isn’t totally correct. Derek warned Tom not to put his hand in its mouth.

Viewers seemed to like the flashback video and quickly took to Twitter to comment on the mishap.

“‘Don’t put your hand near its mouth,’ warns the beaver after the presenter gets bitten in the cage! One fan wrote, “#Countryfile.”

Tom was much more cautious with animals throughout the rest of the show, according to another viewer.

“Learned his lesson after being bitten by the beaver,” they wrote. Keeping my distance from the wildcat enclosure. #countryfile #ouch,” says the narrator.

Some viewers, on the other hand, were more disturbed when they learned that beavers were being hunted in some parts of the United Kingdom.

“Wait, so they reintroduced beavers and now they’re murdering them?” one Twitter user wondered. #countryfile.”

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