Don Black, who had a brush with Covid, has penned a new song in support of hospices.


Don Black, who had a brush with Covid, has penned a new song in support of hospices.

When Don Black was diagnosed with Covid last year, he had no idea how bad he was feeling. Indeed, his kids, Clive and Grant, were concerned that they may lose their famous father at one point.

When Clive came to visit Don at his house in west London, he was feeling under the weather. “He remarked I didn’t look very bright,” recounts the 83-year-old. “So I went to take a hot shower and was still shivering when I got out.” Clive insisted that I get in his car despite the fact that it was late at night, and he took me straight to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.” Don had contracted Covid, according to tests. “They accepted me right away, gave me my own room, and started pumping me full of antibiotics while also giving me oxygen through a nasal line.” Despite the medical intervention, his condition rapidly worsened. “I now know that Clive and his brother, Grant, felt they would lose me during one 24-hour period,” Don admits, despite not realizing how ill he was. He was, however, in capable hands. “What astonished me was the NHS staff’s sympathy,” he says. “Everyone was really nice to me. ‘Now, you sleep well and don’t worry about anything,’ a nice nurse patted my head and murmured. The man who created three James Bond theme tunes, including Diamonds Are Forever and The Man With The Golden Gun, as well as the Oscar-winning song for Born Free, was on the mend after nine days in hospital.

“One day, the chief nurse said to me, ‘You’ve got extremely soft hands, Mr Blackstone,'” Don, whose real surname is Blackstone, says.

‘How did you make a living?’

So I told her I was a songwriter and advised her to Google me if she wanted to know what I’d written.”

Don was placed in a wheelchair after he was discharged. “The doors opened, and the corridor was lined with a dozen or more people clapping, just like you see on TV a million times.” Then they sang Born Free, which was one of the most moving moments of my life. It was clear that it had been practiced. It made me cry back then, and it still does now.” Don had an X-ray on his lungs six months later and. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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