Dominic Raab’s BBC interview has been savaged, with him slamming ‘ridiculous’ predictions that he will be fired.


Dominic Raab’s BBC interview has been savaged, with him slamming ‘ridiculous’ predictions that he will be fired.

During a furious interview with Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast, DOMINIC RAAB dismissed “ridiculous” allegations that he will be fired over his department’s handling of the Afghanistan situation.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, according to BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker, is “toast” in the new Government reshuffle, according to a government source quoted in The Times newspaper. Mr Raab, who has been under pressure in recent weeks for his handling of the Afghanistan situation, dismissed the charges as “ridiculous” and “lacking in veracity.”

The host openly asked Mr Raab about the notion that the Foreign Secretary’s future has been called into question, which has “been floating about for the last couple of weeks and days.”

Mr Raab is accused of abandoning 1,000 Afghan migrants who “might have been saved if he had collaborated with his colleagues.”

“I think Mr Raab is toast in the current reshuffle, and the foreign office is an appallingly led organization with a control freak in charge who won’t delegate anything,” Mr Walker told Mr Raab during the conversation.

“I know it may be difficult for you to hear this early in the morning, but how do you react to that?”

As he shuts off GMB’s Sean Fletcher, he’s cleverly annoyed.

“It’s ridiculous,” Mr Raab responded. Anyone taking time out of the evacuation to go anonymously brief publications with a completely erroneous and distorted set of reporting, I’m afraid, lacks credibility and is most likely buck-passing.”

He went on to say that the government had done everything it could from April till the evacuation.

Mr Raab defended himself and his department, saying, “I can tell you, just to give you one example, the MP hotline at the peak is answering calls in under a minute.”

“Since April, we’ve worked with all of the government’s teams to get over 17,000 people out of Afghanistan, and I’m happy of the work my team has done.”

He explained that the operation has been a collaborative effort between the soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan and the Home Office.

“I believe history will evaluate 17,000 people receiving safe passages without precedent as a great work across government in extremely difficult circumstances, but no department has done better than the.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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