Dominic Raab suggests that new EU and US standards will allow for greater “reciprocal” quarantine-free travel.


Dominic Raab suggests that new EU and US standards will allow for greater “reciprocal” quarantine-free travel.

TRAVEL BETWEEN THE EU AND THE US WILL EXPAND, with the UK permitting double-jabbed newcomers from both regions to enter without having to go through quarantine. In the coming months, the Foreign Secretary has hinted that further “reciprocal” quarantine-free travel chances may become available.

On Wednesday, the government stated that double-jabbed immigrants from the European Union (EU) and the United States will be allowed to enter the UK without having to go through quarantine. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab claims that this has already prompted other countries around the world to contact the UK in an attempt to reach “reciprocal” quarantine-free arrangements.

Following the news, Mr Raab claims he has got “messages” from other world leaders who want to talk about how they might open up travel with the UK as well.

Mr Raab told Sky News, “It’s fascinating that I’ve already had foreign ministers approach me saying they’ve spotted the announcement and asking ‘what can we do to achieve this on a reciprocal basis?”

“What it has done is sparked a reciprocal discussion about how British citizens and businesses, as well as international corporations, can come and travel safely.

“I believe that when we emerge from lockdown and begin to consider foreign travel, the safest, most stable way to do so is to work with high-trust countries where we can verify the vaccines that their nationals have received in order to enter this country.”

He explained that just a few nations will be considered for quarantine-free travel at this time.

“I believe the crucial point is that the EU countries and the US are countries that we have a lot of faith in in terms of how they define double vaccination,” he added.

“Those are the countries we’d like to explore in the future. Countries have a high level of trust.”

Currently, the UK only allows travelers into the nation who have received both doses of a US FDA-approved vaccine or an EMA-approved vaccine.

“It is part of the sure-footed, methodical easing out of lockdown,” Mr Raab said, “and of course that includes international travel, for economic reasons and a variety of other reasons.”

The government believes it has protected the UK and is in a “stronger position” to protect the country against future Covid and variant outbreaks, according to the transport secretary.

“We are optimistic because we have doubly vaccinated 70 percent of the adult population here.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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