Dominic Raab is ‘taking one for the team’ in the Afghanistan issue, according to an ex-defence chief.


Dominic Raab is ‘taking one for the team’ in the Afghanistan issue, according to an ex-defence chief.

DOMINIC RAAB, the former Chief of the Defence Staff, has claimed that he is “taking one for the team.”

“I have to say- listening to Dominic Raab this afternoon,” Lord Richards told BBC Newsnight. I feel like I’m doing something for the team.

“Our national policy and implementation are decided by the National Security Council, which is significantly larger than the Foreign Office.

“The Foreign Office, along with defence in this case, and almost definitely the Home Office, is one department that then executes it.”

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“And indeed other departments like trade and industry,” he continued.

“So, I believe the NSC National Security Council and Cobra are two areas where you should spend your attention, in addition to the Foreign Office to some extent.

“In my opinion, and this has been my opinion for a number of years, including when I was CDS, the much-vaunted Cobra system is 19th century at best, and likely early 20th century at worst.

“And we need something like a national command and communication center that can manage fast-moving 21st-century conflict, which is plainly not the case right now,” he continued.

Yesterday, Dominic Raab testified before a parliamentary select committee.

He was constantly questioned about how many British citizens remain in Afghanistan.

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Some of the questions posed by MPs seemed to irritate the foreign secretary.

Questions about when he went on vacation annoyed him as well, and he refused to disclose any specific dates.

Dominic Raab’s lack of detail on important concerns including the exact number of people eligible for evacuation who were left behind irritated MPs.


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