Dominic Raab in a blistering BBC Breakfast host slapdown: ‘Ignore Starmer every day of the week!’


Dominic Raab in a blistering BBC Breakfast host slapdown: ‘Ignore Starmer every day of the week!’

On BBC Breakfast, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab was put on the spot after being told he wouldn’t “brush aside” Boris Johnson’s disastrous CBI speech if Sir Keir Starmer did it, and he delivered a deadpan response attacking the Labour leader.

Jon Kay of BBC Breakfast grilled Dominic Raab about Boris Johnson’s “Peppa Pig” speech to the CBI. While Mr Raab defended the Prime Minister and said good points were made, Mr Kay argued that if the speech had been given by a political opponent like Nicola Sturgeon or Sir Keir Starmer, he and his colleagues would not back down.

The Deputy Prime Minister then shot down the allegation, saying he ignores Sir Keir every week because he has nothing good to say.

Mr Raab was asked for his thoughts on Boris Johnson’s leadership on BBC Breakfast, following reports that some Tory MPs had filed letters of no confidence in him.

Mr Raab denied the rumors, claiming that anonymous sources were being used by some Westminster commentators to inflate stories.

The former Foreign Secretary then defended the government, claiming that major policies, such as the recent Harper’s Law, were being pushed through the Commons, demonstrating the Conservative Party’s legitimacy.

“As well as the smiles about Peppa Pig, there are serious concerns at the highest level within Downing Street, about whether the Prime Minister has a grip on it,” said host Jon Kay, who believes it could be the beginning of the end for the Conservatives.

“This wasn’t just one speech, was it? That speech highlighted what many see as a much larger issue with the way he does his job.”

“Right, I don’t agree, and it’s the job of Westminster commentators to pick one anonymous source from wherever they find it to criticize the Government of the day, that’s fine,” Mr Raab responded.

“In terms of Peppa Pig, it is a fantastic British export around the world, and I believe the Prime Minister was making that point…”

Mr Kay then told Mr Raab that he and his fellow MPs would not be so forgiving of their opponents if they made gaffes like Boris Johnson, and that Sir Keir Starmer would not listen.

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