‘Doing some pondering,’ Louise Minchin wrote in a mysterious message weeks after leaving BBC Breakfast.


‘Doing some pondering,’ Louise Minchin wrote in a mysterious message weeks after leaving BBC Breakfast.

LOUISE MINCHIN has shared a mysterious photo of herself “doing some thinking” just weeks after announcing her departure from BBC Breakfast.

After announcing her retirement from the BBC Breakfast show, Louise Minchin, 52, uploaded a cryptic picture to Instagram today. The celebrity, who co-hosts the show with newsreader Dan Walker, announced her departure from the show in June.

Louise Minchin is doing some blue sky pondering. In a pensive image, the presenter has now informed her 74,000 followers that she is in a reflective mood.

The BBC host, dressed in a green-patterned maxi dress, stood in a field of long grass, gazing out at the beautiful scenery.

Louise brought a blade of grass to her lips as she pondered what was on her mind, clearly enjoying the view.

“Doing some blue sky thinking,” she captioned the photo. Louise’s ardent fans and celebrity pals both went to the comments section to express their feelings about the calm photo.

Matt Baker, the host of Countryfile, simply commented with a blue heart.

One astute Twitter user echoed her sentiments, writing: “Penny for them?!

“Outside the box, clearly,” another said, while a third wrote: “At one with nature Louise, looking stunning as usual.” Only a few weeks ago, Louise announced that she would be leaving her post as presenter of BBC Breakfast after a record 20 years at the helm of the show.

The journalist said that she would continue to appear on TV until later this year, when she would officially leave the show.

However, the broadcaster said that she will be taking a short break from the BBC sofa in the coming weeks as coverage of the Olympics dominates the program.

Louise, who appeared alongside co-host Dan, 44, explained why she would be absent from the show.

The former began the explanation by informing viewers, “We’ve got a great build-up to the Olympics this summer in the following few days.”

“Because this program isn’t on for the duration of the Olympics, is it?”

” he inquired of his co-star.

“I may not be here,” Louise said, adding, “but I will be watching back-to-back Olympic sport, it’s my favorite time of the year.” When asked about her departure from the breakfast show, Louise earlier told viewers, “It will be, this.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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