Dog-friendly vacations Britain’s desire for pet-friendly vacations is skyrocketing.


Dog-friendly vacations Britain’s desire for pet-friendly vacations is skyrocketing.

According to a new study, the number of people looking for dog-friendly holiday destinations in the UK has increased by 665 percent in the last few months.

When comparing the most current YoY data available (May 20 – May 21), searches for the term “dog-friendly holidays” grew to 22,200 average monthly searches, according to Cofton Holidays’ research. The term ‘dog-friendly lodges’ has also witnessed a 400 percent increase in searches from 880 in 2020 to 4,400 in 2020.

The amount of Brits adopting a dog during the epidemic, according to the Devon-based holiday park, is the cause for the sudden popularity in these specific getaway requests.

Nearly half of Britons (44%) got a new pet during the lockdown and are scrambling to find pet-friendly vacation spots.

Since the lockdown, 3.2 million families in the United Kingdom have purchased a pet, with 12 million dogs, three million birds, and 1.5 million reptiles among them.

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Cofton Holidays obtained overwhelming statistics demonstrating that these new lockdown pets have assisted individuals over the last 18 months, in addition to mining search data.

A total of 39% of the 2,000 participants who took part in the study indicated they were happier.

Others said they felt more loved (34%) and amused (34%). (30 percent).

More over half of the 55-64-year-olds surveyed (55%) and 43% of the 18-24-year-olds surveyed claimed their new pet made them happier.

With a fifth of the population owning a dog, this may be the first time some new dog owners are considering a vacation with their four-legged companion.

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Cofton Holidays has expanded their present range of pet-friendly accommodation on-site to meet this growing demand.

Guests can reserve premium accommodations that feature an enclosed patio area, a dog pad, blanket, bowl, and extra treats beginning in July 2021.

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