Does Shauna’s unborn child perish in the wilderness in ‘Yellowjackets’ Episode 9?


Episode 9 of ‘Yellowjackets’: Does Shauna’s unborn child perish in the wilderness?

Shauna tried to kill the baby when she found out she was pregnant, and despite her best efforts, she fails.

‘Yellowjackets’ Episode 9 ‘Doomcoming’ contains spoilers.

The fate of teen Shauna’s (Sophie Nelisse) baby is one of the unanswered questions in ‘Yellowjackets.’

Her life takes a difficult turn after it is revealed that she is pregnant with Jeff’s (Warren Kole) child.

Not only is she dealing with the baby’s and her own future issues, but her friendship with Jackie (Ella Purnell) is also strained.

Jeff and Jackie were dating at the time, but the latter was also seeing Shauna, so it was an affair that resulted in a baby.

In ‘Doomcoming,’ Shauna goes on an all-out savage rant to sacrifice Travis along with the other girls while under the influence of magic mushrooms, but her baby is also shown to be alive and kicking (literally).

The baby bump is visible, which makes survival in the wilderness even more difficult for her.

However, as the season draws to a close (the finale airs on January 16), the fate of the unborn remains unknown.

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When Shauna found out she was pregnant, she tried to kill the baby.

Despite her best efforts, she is unable to kill the baby, and Taissa (Jasmine Savoy Brown) is sympathetic to her plight.

When Jackie discovers how she became pregnant, she uses Travis to lose her virginity, revealing the truth.

It’s almost as if she’s exacting revenge on Shauna in her own unique way, despite the fact that Natalie is the one on the receiving end.

Nelisse discussed the baby’s predicament in an interview with Hollywood Life.

“I’m clueless.”

“They’re not going to tell me,” she stated.

“I mean, I don’t think it can survive,” she says.

I’m going to have a talk with the writers about this because if they want to keep it and aren’t eating, I don’t see how she could keep a child alive when they’re on the verge of death.

They’d need a lot of food and water to survive.

I’m not sure if they’ll make me lose it at birth or before, but I don’t see how she’ll be able to carry the baby.

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