Dodgy Knees and Goatober Walks are two walking holidays offered by the Isle of Wight Festival.


Dodgy Knees and Goatober Walks are two walking holidays offered by the Isle of Wight Festival.

The first 50 treks in the ISLE OF WIGHT Walking Festival have just been revealed, and they might be a terrific way to spend a staycation.

Autumn is an excellent time to get out and about in the great British outdoors, as Visit Isle of Wight has recognized.

After 18 months at home, Britons are eager to stretch their legs and explore, so a walking holiday is a popular staycation alternative.

Traveling by foot – even for a few hours – is a terrific way to experience the country, whether Britons choose to test themselves with tough hikes or take it easy and go for a stroll along the seaside.

Locals and visitors alike will be able to participate in primarily free guided walks across the island as part of the Isle of Wight Walking Festival.

The Isle of Wight is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in its entirety, and experiencing it on foot via over 100 routes may make October a staycation highlight for British hikers.

“There are so many wonderful walks, full of adventure, history, and pleasure, so now is the time to start scheduling yours,” said Ian Griffiths, a walk leader and Chairman of Visit Isle of Wight.

“If you are up for a lengthier challenge along some of the Isle of Wight’s river trails, join one of my treks, The Wroxhall Stream Trail, Scotchells Brook and Red Squirrel Trail, or a two-day walk following the Eastern Yar river from its source to the sea!” he concluded.

Due to limited numbers, even if the majority of the walks are free, enthusiastic trekkers will need to pre-book.

Whether Britons want to embark on themed excursions, such as speed dating, ghost walks, pub walks, or smugglers trails, or a rapid discovery of rock pooling and fossil digging, the island can accommodate them.

So far, the longest walk on the agenda is 18.5 miles.

The Eastern Yar Source to Sea journey is divided into two days.

There’s also an 18-mile trek that can be accomplished in a single day, but there’s a catch.

The Goatober walk is a circular route centered on the rapidly expanding goat meat movement.

The stroll will conclude with a tour of a goat farm and the opportunity to sample free goat hot dogs.

While walking is a popular pastime in the United Kingdom, those who aren’t up for a two-day event or 18 kilometers of.


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