Doctor’s ‘wake up call’ for Hairy Bikers’ Dave Myers and Si King.


Doctor’s ‘wake up call’ for Hairy Bikers’ Dave Myers and Si King.

After a doctor told them they were both “middle-aged and dangerously obese,” HAIRY BIKERS heroes Dave Myers and Si King said they got a “wake-up call.”

Tonight at 8pm on BBC Two, The Hairy Bikers Go North returns for their fourth season.

The TV stars’ trip of northern England brings them to North Yorkshire, where they’ll explore the moors and meet the incredible producers who live in the National Park. On their way, the two meet the youngest ever Michelin-starred chef and a former hairdresser now caring for an unique breed of woolly pigs, whipping up a succession of delectable dinners.

Their voyage across the globe, sampling various cuisines, has resulted in a legendary brand and an unbreakable friendship.

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for them.

Si stated that Dave is currently ill with coronavirus during a solo appearance on The One Show last week, and that his co-star is “doing as well as can be expected” on Tuesday.

In 2012, a friend who was also a doctor gave Dave, 64, and Si, 54, a terrible wake-up call.

He informed them both that their weight had gotten out of hand and that they needed to do something about their growing waistlines.

“A doctor buddy informed us, ‘Look fellas, you’re middle-aged and horribly obese,'” Dave explained. It’s time for you to take action.

“I was about 40% obese, my blood sugar was borderline Type 2 diabetes, and my cholesterol and blood pressure were both dangerously high.”

“It was incremental for me,” he continued. I probably gain a stone per decade, which I believe many people do.” It’s no surprise that Dave and Si stayed by one other’s sides as the Hairy Bikers transitioned into the Hairy Dieters.

Dave explained, “We helped each other.” “It’s easier if there’s a competitive element.” Hairy Dieters: How to Love Cuisine and Lose Weight, which aired on the BBC in August 2012, followed the couple as they embarked on a weight-loss adventure while remaining true to their love of delicious food.

In a year, Dave went from 19 stone (120 kg) to 15 stone (95 kg), and the two of them lost over seven stone between them.

In 2018, he told the Mirror that calorie counting was not for him. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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