‘Do you think she’s okay?’ As her BBC Breakfast co-star falls live on air, Louise Minchin panics.


‘Do you think she’s okay?’ As her BBC Breakfast co-star falls live on air, Louise Minchin panics.

LOUISE MINCHIN could be heard gasping as she watched her BBC Breakfast co-star Nina Warhurst fall off a skateboard while attempting the Olympic sport.

Nina Warhurst, who was in Salford, was observed by Louise Minchin and Jon Kay attempting to skate up a ramp and turn the board around without coming off. The business reporter’s day looked to be going well until calamity struck and she collapsed live on television. While Louise and Jon waited to hear if she was well, the former became concerned that the BBC Breakfast host had been hurt.

“I was a little frightened when she indicated she was going to crush it,” Jon remarked. ‘What is she going to smash?’ I wondered. But she’s got it!” says the narrator.

“Wow, I’m blown away. Nina, go for it! As Nina worked to hone her talents, Louise yelled from the studio.

“Team GB have just contacted Nina, they’re talking three years in Paris,” Jon joked.

“Look at that!” cried Jon and Louise as Nina perfected a skateboard spin. That was fantastic.”

As a scream was heard, Louise said, “Let’s leave it now while it’s nice.” ‘

“That’s what everyone was waiting for,” Nina exclaimed.

“Do you think she’s okay?” Louise inquired, casting a worried glance at Jon. “Do you think she’s okay?”

As the camera switched to Nina lying on the skate park floor, Jon assured his co-star, “She’ll be alright.”

Thankfully, she promptly hopped back up and returned to the podium, telling the speakers, “I tried!”

Louise said, “Oh Nina, you’re fantastic, well done!” while Jon added, “Good on her!”

Nina started attempting the sport after Sky Brown, 13, made history as Britain’s youngest Olympian by winning a bronze medal.

Skateboarding’s popularity has risen as a result of its presence in the Olympics.

On Monday morning, Louise was joined by Jon as her regular co-host Dan Walker took a break.

For the past two weeks, Dan has been on hand to present Olympics coverage with Sam Quek starting at 6 a.m.

As a result, he was absent from the renowned red sofa, and his absence was felt by fans.

“I awoke sleepy and bleary-eyed this morning, looking forward to seeing @mrdanwalker and @SamanthaQuek on Olympic Breakfast……then I realized. “Just a three-year wait,” one Twitter user wrote.

“It ain’t the same without the Olympics and @mrdanwalker @SamanthaQuek on BBC 1,” another said.

“It’s a pity that the Olympics are coming to an end. Last but not least, “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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