‘Do you think I’m normal?’ Following his father’s death, Craig Revel Horwood admits to experiencing “relief.”


‘Do you think I’m normal?’ Following his father’s death, Craig Revel Horwood admits to experiencing “relief.”

CRAIG REVEL HORWOOD told Coleen Nolan and Denise Welch on Loose Women about the relief he felt after his “abusive” father died.

On Friday afternoon, Loose Women welcomed Craig Revel Horwood and James Jordan, as well as Coleen Nolan and Denise Welch, for a Loose Women and Men special. Craig came up about his father’s death and not feeling guilty about his relief while the panelists were discussing if men process guilt differently and the concept of “masculine grieving.”

Colleen commented to Craig after Jordan had spoken about his father’s death earlier this year, “Men grieve differently, don’t they?”

Craig reflected on his own experience, saying, “My father passed away around five years ago, and I’m the polar opposite.” I was relieved, not because of his death, but because my relationship with him had finally come to an end.

“It was a terrible relationship, and he was an alcoholic, and he died of alcohol poisoning one night after drinking too much.

“[And] it was a huge relief for me to watch the coffin being lowered into the grave, and I thought to myself, “Am I normal or abnormal?”

“Did you feel a little guilty because you felt like that?” Colleen intervened, prompting Craig to respond, “No, I didn’t.”

Colleen added, “Well, that’s excellent, though!” in an attempt to cheer him up.

He continued, “I thought this is how I feel, and I told to my family, “This is how I feel, and I feel the weight is off not only my shoulders but his as well.”

“Some people do feel guilty that they haven’t spent enough time with their parents and stuff like that,” Jordan noted.

Denise interjected, “But she had an entirely different relationship with your dad.” Craig added, “My younger sister Melanie was grief-stricken.”

Craig agreed with Denise, saying, “Completely, and the thing I always say is it depends on the relationship you have with that person.”

“I don’t feel bad about my father because he had his life, he’d done everything, and he was very specific about the burial, and it was very I am me, and seeing that go to bed provided closure for me.”

Jordan responded to Craig’s remarks by saying, “It makes me sad for you.”


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