DIY: A woman reveals how she spent under £1,000 to create a magnificent ‘shed-office’ in her garden.


DIY: A woman reveals how she spent under £1,000 to create a magnificent ‘shed-office’ in her garden.

DIY has grown in popularity as more people modify their homes to fit their needs during lockdown. As more Britons choose to work from home, home offices have become a requirement for many households. But what if you don’t have access to a spare room? On a shoestring, one DIY-savvy woman has shown how she created a “shed-office” in her garden.

More Britons have found themselves working from home in the last year. Our homes have had to become more adaptable than ever before, serving as a gym, a workplace, a gathering place, and a learning environment for our children. Some people have found themselves working from the end of their beds, at the kitchen table, or on the sofa due to the difficulty of working from home.

To deal with the problem, some homeowners have had to get a little more inventive than usual, attempting to create working spaces in their gardens, cabinets, and even sheds.

Wickes, a home improvement store, introduced the Home Office Awards in April to recognize and reward some of the greatest working from home locations.

Wickes had five shortlist awards and was looking for a variety of places.

The Minimalist Master, Best Interior and Mindful Design Award, Cleaning up in the Dining Room, the Sensational Shed, and the Savviest Set Up were among the categories up for grabs.

TV property gurus Phil Spencer and Ben Hillman, as well as buyers for Wickes’ new Home Office and Hub Garden line, evaluated the DIY awards.

Wickes Home Office Award winner and four shortlisted winners have been decided by the eminent judges.

Claire Hughes of Caithness, Scotland, seized the crown for her incredible shed office after weeks of social media entries.

Claire talked to This Website exclusively about how she built her shed and why she opted to do so.

The inexperienced DIYer claimed she had never attempted such a thing before.

“I’ve pulled out skirting boards in the house and replaced them all myself, simple, small jobs,” she explained. This was my first significant undertaking.

Claire explained, “I was going to buy a shed and build a flat pack one and I started looking at them and I couldn’t find one that I thought was solid enough.” She solicited the assistance of one of her friends. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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