‘Dishonest rubbish!’ In the Olympic medals row, Piers Morgan lashes back at Michael Johnson.


‘Dishonest rubbish!’ In the Olympic medals row, Piers Morgan lashes back at Michael Johnson.

In his newest essay, PIERS MORGAN calls Michael Johnson’s tweet regarding Olympic medals “disingenuous bullshit.”

Piers Morgan’s comments about Olympic medals have polarized supporters in the last week. After “sparking inevitable wokie wrath,” the outspoken journalist has now turned his focus to Michael Johnson.

With all due respect to Johnson, he’s spewing falsehoods.

Piers Morgan is a British journalist.

“Real sporting champions don’t celebrate coming in third,” the 56-year-old earlier tweeted.

He proposed that only gold medals be honored, as anything else is not a victory.

Now, the father-of-four has retaliated against Michael, a 53-year-old retired sprinter, over comments he made on the microblogging website.

Piers had previously used him as an example to demonstrate the point he was making.

“To those weak, whiny wokies still banging on about why losing at the Olympics is so amazing and should be enthusiastically celebrated, I present Michael ‘GOAT’ Johnson’s Twitter moniker and bio,” the former Good Morning Britain host said.

“@MJGold. World and Olympic champion. 12 times gold, 0 times silver, 0 times bronze.”

This speech caused “inevitable wokie anger,” according to Piers, because “they loathe anyone who celebrates triumph rather than defeat.”

“Putting this to rest!” Michael wrote on Facebook at the time. Winning an Olympic medal of any kind is a dream come true. I’ve always been favored for gold, so silver or bronze would be a letdown.

“However, if I were an anticipated finalist, bronze would be a victory!

“Don’t listen to folks whose whole purpose in life is to stir up s**t. Regardless of the number of people who follow them.”

Piers has 7.9 million followers, whereas Michael only has 132,000.

“With all due respect to Johnson, he’s spewing dishonest nonsense,” Piers responded.

“This is a man who used to race in gold shoes and once declared, ‘Not winning golds would not have been a success; it would have been a failure.’”

“I much like the honesty of British boxer Ben Whittaker, who refused to wear his silver medal and explained: ‘You don’t win silver, you lose gold,’” the commentator continued.

“‘I’m quite disappointed; I feel like a failure.” You’re playing for the gold. Nobody prepares for a gold, silver, or bronze medal.’

“Exactly. And if you do, you’re training to fail,” according to The Mail On Sunday.

The outrage hasn’t stopped Piers from tweeting about Tokyo 2020 and reacting to Jason Kenny’s latest performance this morning.

With his eighth Olympic medal, the British cyclist, 33, has cemented his place in British Olympic history.


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