Director Patty Jenkins of ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ could take Chris Pine from ‘Star Trek’ to ‘Star Wars’


As Hollywood was dealing with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), all eyes were on Wonder Woman in 1984.

One of the most awaited films of the year ended up being director Patty Jenkins’ sequel to her 2017 hit.

And Jenkins might take Wonder Woman actor Chris Pine to her next project after her box office success, when she gets into the Star Wars saga.

‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’ will be directed by Patty Jenkins

Disney announced a slew of new projects in December 2020.

In particular, Star Wars fans took notice of the dozen or so movies in the works and the Disney+ series.

But one of the most talked-about announcements was Rogue Squadron, Jenkins’ film. Following Taika Waititi’s as-yet-untitled film, it is only the second officially confirmed Star Wars film in the works.

Rogue Squadron in Star Wars refers to both a single group of Rebel fighters and a popular video game series.

But Jenkins’ film won’t be specifically based on any previously released video, as far as fans know. Instead, in the universe of Star Wars, the director seems to be making his own fighter pilot adventure. If only she had known an accomplished actor portraying a fighter pilot.

Director Patty Jenkins has a shocking four-film strategy for Gal Gadot’s Amazon superheroine, ‘Wonder Woman’

The producer of ‘Wonder Woman’ addressed the movie with Chris Pine

In both ‘Wonder Woman’ and its sequel, of course, Pine played Army Captain Steve Trevor.

These two films provide a balance of the best “Star Wars” films with gravitas, humor, spectacle and emotion.

And those similarities are a testament to how fine a match for the saga Jenkins is.

But beyond that, if she decides to put in any star strength, Pine might be a perfect addition.

The two obviously have a strong friendship. Pine appeared in the I Am the Night movie, which Jenkins directed and executive produced, in addition to the Wonder Woman films. Since Steve Trevor is unlikely to appear in Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3, this is a good chance for the two to reunite.

Plus, Pine has confessed to talking about Rogue Squadron to her already. Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) December 10, 2020 The return of Hayden Christensen to ‘Star Wars’ reveals that the Skywalker saga is still not finished.

For years, the revised ‘Star Trek’ series has been dormant.

To the projector, Pine adds so much charisma.

The actor’s fans regularly refer to him as “the best Chris” employed today in Hollywood.

And yet Pine is not seen almost as much on television as he once was.

A major explanation is that his main franchise role – the rebooted Star Trek series – has been stuck in the hell of creation since then.

Pine played James T. Kirk from 2009 to 2016, another captain who knows his way through the skies.

But the franchise has been caught in a rut since Star Trek Beyond. Star Trek 4 used time travel to reunite Kirk with his dad (Chris Hemsworth).

As it stands, however, Pine could be better off pursuing J.J.

Abrams for Star Wars to come. If, of course, Jenkins invites him.


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