Director Adam McKay claims that beloved comedian Chris Farley was ‘clearly really struggling’ two weeks before his death.


Chris Farley was a phenomenally talented comedian, never failing to make audiences laugh so hard they would cry. He was a fantastic addition to the beloved comedy-sketch show, Saturday Night Live, and starred in several hilarious comedies on the big screen.

Sadly, Farley struggled with emotional and mental health issues that led him to over-eating and drug use.

These coping mechanisms eventually led to Farley’s death at the young age of 33.

He died on December 18, 1997, in his apartment after overdosing on cocaine and morphine.

Aside from being insanely talented, the star was a lovable, kind, caring person and his family, friends, co-stars, and fans still miss him dearly.

Farley’s ‘SNL’ co-stars were deeply saddened by his death

Adam McKay worked closely with Farley during his time as a head writer on Saturday Night Live. He recalls the last time Farley hosted SNL, about two months before his death. McKay talked about Farley’s final weeks, saying:

” He [Farley] was clearly really struggling, but he was such a sweetheart, he still had this big, loving, eager-to-please heart … what you really see is, this was someone who was in a lot of pain and trying desperately to deal with it.”

McKay also recalled how sad it was to see someone who brought such joy to others be so unhappy on the inside. “Everyone was just like, We lost someone who was giving us a ton of joy, and he should have had joy.” Other SNL cast members witnessed Farley’s struggle throughout the years, and many tried to help the young star.

SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels was especially close with Farley, and he enlisted the help of another famous comedian to try and help. Shortly after Farley played Tom Arnold in a sketch, Michaels reached out to Arnold. USA Today quoted Arnold’s recent interview with Howard Stern:

“Lorne Michaels called me and he said, ‘You have a lot in common with Chris Farley. Would you please spend time with him?”

Arnold eventually became Farley’s sponsor, and the two developed a close friendship.

Arnold admired Farley’s incredible sense of humor, and he wanted to help the comedian have the happier life he deserved. He tried the tough love approach with Farley, telling him:

“You can’t be fat and do drugs. You just can’t be that fat. You’ve got to pick one, and I speak from experience. You pick one…. Brinkwire Entertainment short news.


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