Digital Christmas: Stirling Castle Rapunzel filmed and Janey Godley drama coming soon



For several, what makes the Christmas season special is pantomime and theatre.

But the National Theatre of Scotland has stepped up with a series of multimedia surprises for December with pantomimes canceled and a digital Christmas on the horizon.

A Christmas film shot at one of Scotland’s most stunning landmarks, Stirling Castle, is among the festive online treats.

Rapunzel, a Christmas performance, is presented by Scottish panto legend Johnny McKnight online and in cinemas and in collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland.

The very special online Christmas show, shot in the beautiful surroundings of Stirling Castle, will be accompanied by sparkling Novasound shows and will hit selected cinemas from 22 December onwards.

Alternatively, from Dec. 23, 10 a.m. to Jan. 4, 12 p.m., via a special page on the National Theatre of Scotland’s website, you can watch the streaming edition of Rapunzel from the comfort of your own home.

A Christmas sequel to the online viral drama about Betty and Bobo by Janey Godley – with two brand new episodes – is also included in the schedule.

‘Alone’ – part three and part four, which will be published on 26 and 31 December respectively, feature Godley focusing on her first Christmas spent alone as Betty.

Betty practically reaches out to her sister Isa in Fort William, missing her family, whose larger-than-life personality may be just what she needs to chase her shut-in blues away.

Nonetheless, Betty faces a lonely New Year’s Eve, ringing at the end of a miserable year to help her rejoice with no one around.

She wants to see her son Steven again more than anything, but with him trapped in Soho and no travel permitted, it looks like a lonely Hogmanay is in store.

As part of Scenes for Survival, the interactive lockdown series produced by the National Theatre of Scotland in collaboration with BBC Scotland, Screen Scotland, BBC Arts’ Culture in Quarantine project and Scotland’s leading theater houses and companies, with the help of Hopscotch Films, Alone and Alone Part II was originally released.

Between May and September 2020, the series saw the release of 55 dramatic shorts from some of Scotland’s most exciting theatrical talents.

And that’s not it, as those in need of a theatrical fix can also enjoy the programming of the remainder of the National Theatre of Scotland, including:

Queen’s Voice, a very special alternative message for Christmas Day from Paige Ootabook, aka Johnny McKnight, the Lady of the Realm.

A winter special from our LGBTI + Elders Social Dance Club and a warmer winter celebration.

20 days of Christmas cheer from December 13, 2020 to January 1, 2021 with exclusive content for online viewers.

An opportunity to gain your own fairy tale experience when helping to raise funds for the Future Fund of the National Theatre of Scotland.

Visit the National Theatre of Scotland website here for more information and the full schedule of digital offerings.


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