Did you see the ‘glimpse of Daredevil’ in the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer?


Did you see the ‘glimpse of Daredevil’ in the Spider-Man No Way Home trailer?

SPIDER-MAN The first trailer for NO WAY HOME dropped overnight, depicting a slew of criminals – but there may have been an ally hidden among them.

Spider-Man fans finally got their first glimpse at the third Marvel Spidey film this week, after months of anticipation and rumors of trailer leaks. No Way Home picks up where Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) left off in Far From Home, with Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) revealing Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) secret identity to the world. In the clip, Peter is seen in jail with a lawyer going over some documents.

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On Twitter, many have speculated that Peter’s lawyer is none other than Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox).

Matt was last seen in the Netflix and Disney series Daredevil, which was discontinued in 2018.

Spider-Man and Daredevil are powerful allies in the Marvel Comics universe, and they have previously teamed up in New York City.

As a result, fans believe they’ve seen Daredevil star Charlie Cox in the current trailer.

When a file is slapped down in front of Peter at roughly 31 seconds in the clip – WATCH ABOVE – the scene occurs.

The alleged lawyer is dressed in dark slacks, a dark tie, and a white shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

For Cox’s Matt Murdock in the Daredevil TV program, this style became legendary.

On Twitter, many remarked on the likeness, with one commenting, “TRY TO TELL ME THOSE ARE NOT MATT MURDOCK’S HANDS.” (sic)



“MATT MURDOCK IS THAT YOU?” wrote another, alongside a side-profile of the unidentified character. (sic)

“PLEASE BE CHARLIE COX, MATT MURDOCK,” chimed in a third. (sic)

Matt has already represented Peter in court when he has found himself in a difficult situation throughout Marvel’s past.

Could this be another instance of Matt stepping in to save the day in court?

What does it imply for the Daredevil character if Cox’s Matt makes a comeback? Will the critically acclaimed show be renewed for a second season? Or will he star in his own film?

In any case, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is adding even more New York-based characters to its roster.

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