Did Prince Charles bring Princess Diana to fat shame during their engagement?


During her marriage to Prince Charles, Princess Diana suffered with an eating disorder.

Her bulimia was able to provide a “release of tension” whenever she felt depressed, according to Diana.

But a nasty remark made by her husband during their marriage ignited one of the key factors that caused the condition. What was he doing exactly? Continue reading to find out.

Princess Diana has been doing what she can to satisfy Prince Charles

Though their marriage was so tumultuous and turbulent, part of Diana fell in love with her husband hopelessly. Prince Charles, meanwhile, was dismissive of Diana for the most part.

The Princess of Wales was doing her hardest to be his dream wife in a vain effort to satisfy her husband. Prince Charles, however, no matter how hard she tried, was only ever interested in Camilla Parker Bowles (his mistress).

This made her feel negligible.

‘Everywhere, Prince Charles ignores me,’ Diana shows in her biography, In Her Own Words. “He ignores me everywhere and has done so for a long time, but if people want to see that now, they’re a little late. He just rejects me.”

During their marriage, Prince Charles shamed Princess Diana by calling her “chubby”

Princess Diana said that after confronting Camilla about her affair with Prince Charles, she cried like never before.

When the Prince of Wales first met Diana, she thought that he would never be interested in her. She referred to herself as a “fat, chubby, unflattering, unwise lady.”

But after her marriage to Prince Charles, all her insecurities were just surprisingly reinforced. In a very short time, her weight fell from 29 to 23 inches. “From February to July, I had shrunk into nothingness,” she said in her biography.

“I knew the bulimia began the week after our engagement,”I knew the bulimia began the week after our engagement. “My husband put his hand on my waist and said, ‘Oh, a bit chubby here, isn’t it?’ and that triggered something in me – and the Camilla thing, I was desperate, desperate.”

Tragically, as she puts it, Diana “made herself ill up to four times a day,”

According to her biography, “It was a profound release of tension and in some hazy way gave her a sense of control over herself and a means of letting go of the anger she felt.”

Eventually, Princess Diana found assistance with her eating disorder by visiting a psychiatrist.

The moment Princess Diana lost all hope that she could save her marriage to Prince Charles

The princess eventually agreed, after much persuasion, that it was time to seek help with her eating disorder. She visited a psychiatrist and told him all about her greatest feelings of confusion.

“I hated myself so much,”I hated myself so much. “I thought I wasn’t good enough, I thought I wasn’t good enough for Charles, I wasn’t a good mother – I mean, doubt as long as a leg.”

Diana went on, telling him that she felt like she was “a problem.”

Her therapist stared her straight in the eye and said, “There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s your husband.”

“When he said that,” revealed Diana, “I thought, ‘Maybe it’s not me.'”

How to get help: In the United States, contact the helpline of the National Eating Disorders Association at 1-800-931-2237.


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