Did Drake’s collaboration with Benny the Butcher get leaked? Fans claim that it is “better than the entire CLB album.”


An audio snippet of more than two minutes surfaced on Twitter as fans rushed to the micro-blogging site to talk about the same

Drake usually opts for top commercial rappers when it comes to collaborations but for a change, he joined hands with the Griselda Records member Benny the Butcher on a track called ‘Buffalo (Freestyle)’. However, unfortunately, the song got leaked on the Internet on September 25 before fans could enjoy the official release.

An audio snippet of more than two minutes surfaced on Twitter as fans rushed to the micro-blogging site to talk about the same. Benny the Butcher, who is one of the upcoming rappers in the game, had first teased the song way back in 2019. Butcher’s team member Westside Gunn had released the Side B of ‘Hitler Wears Hermer VIII’ on Friday, September 24. Neither Drake nor Benny the Butcher has come forward to comment on the leak.

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Drake’s new song with Benny the Butcher leaks online

Once the leaked audio snippet hit the Internet, it spread like a wildfire as social media users shared it widely while also asking for the official release. The track name ‘Buffalo’ supposedly refers to the place where Benny the Butcher hails from. On the leaked version, we could hear Drake rapping, “I’m iller than the illness that these people wish me, Drake be joshing around but life wasn’t Nickelodeon or Disney”. He also raps, “My resume is thicker than Nicki, I’m busy busy,” and “I guess Cinderella must have called up her own Uber, I’ve always been able to see the depths of my own future.”

Benny the Butcher then hops on the verse as he spits, “It’s worth more when you earn it, guilty the verdict, burnin’ large bills in the furnace,” and “They tying me to greats, every other week I’m buying me a safe, I learned it’s more satisfying when you wait.” The 36-years-old acclaimed hip-hop artist had also shed light on his collaboration with Drake a while ago. In an interview with Connected, he said, “Drake is Drake. He’s the biggest artist in the world, so ain’t no tellin’ where that song gon’ land.” He continued, “We got the song, I played it for all the homies. It’s a vibe and he gotta place that where he sees fit to it. I feel like it definitely would have fit in and definitely would have mixed things up, but I also see why he. Brinkwire Brief News.


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