Dick Strawbridge of Escape To The Chateau is perplexed by changes at home: ‘Has anyone been surprised?’


Dick Strawbridge of Escape To The Chateau is perplexed by changes at home: ‘Has anyone been surprised?’

After sharing a stunning discovery he made in the moat of his French property, DICK STRAWBRIDGE has been swamped with mail from Escape To The Chateau enthusiasts.

Dick Strawbridge, 61, of Escape To The Chateau, has gone to Twitter to express his “astonishment” at a find made in the grounds of his Mayenne-based house. The TV actor, who and his wife Angel Adoree, 43, moved into Château de la Motte-Husson in 2015, said he had seen a heron swimming in the chateau’s moat for the first time since moving there six years ago, and took to social media to ask fans about their encounters with the bird.

Have I not been paying attention?

Dick Strawbridge is a character in the novel Dick Strawbridge

The father-of-three reported his amazing discovery to his 82,800 Twitter followers.

“For the first time ever, I saw a heron swimming in the moat!” he wrote.

The star went on to say that it was the first time he had seen the bird swimming and that he had asked his fans for their thoughts on the matter.

“I see them almost every day, but I’ve never seen them swimming. Is anyone else shocked, or haven’t I been paying attention?” he wondered.

“Tried to get a picture, but it soared away,” Dick signed off. I knew herons could swim since I saw one take a step off a ledge into deep water!”

Followers of the celebrity used the comments section to share their own encounters with the bird.

“In additional Heron related news,” one said, “I discovered today that not all Heron species swim. The Great Blue Heron, which is prevalent in France and the United Kingdom, does swim occasionally to traverse bodies of water but cannot hunt from a swimming position.”

“That is really rare to witness,” one social media user said, tagging the singer. Herons do swim, but only on rare occasions.

They admitted, “I’ve been photographing and monitoring herons for years and have never seen one swim.”

A viewer of the DIY home improvement show reported that they, too, had an unexpected encounter with the bird.

“Recently, for the first time ever, I observed a heron settle in a tree!” they wrote.

“Dick, every day is a school day living in France,” wrote another Twitter user.

Dick raised concerns among fans in the most recent episode of their show Make Do and Mend after he was spotted adding fish to the mix. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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