Dick Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau explains how he arranges DIY projects for his home in France.


Dick Strawbridge of Escape to the Chateau explains how he arranges DIY projects for his home in France.

Dick Strawbridge of ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU has revealed a regular “discussion” he and his wife Angel Adoree have over DIY projects. When considering a DIY renovation for their property, the chateau owner said this is the “first thing” they undertake.

Dick Strawbridge and his wife Angel Adoree, stars of Escape to the Chateau, teamed up with Homebase earlier this year to help Britons renovate their gardens and houses. Videos on how to build a raised bed and how to use a tape measure can be found on YouTube’s “Give it a Go” series. Dick explains how to design a DIY project in one of the April 2021 videos.

This is the plan that the chateau owner and his wife Angel follow whenever they conduct a DIY project, according to him.

“Every time we execute a project, it’s the same procedure over and over again, and it’s actually pretty simple,” Dick continued.

“The first thing we have to do is decide whether we’re going to do it or not.”

This is where the DIY expert and his wife “argue” whether or not to complete the job, according to him.

“That may seem insignificant, but that is the point of contention,” he remarked.

“We have so many priorities; what do we want to accomplish?”

“However, when Angela and I agree, that implies we have the green light to proceed.”

He went on to say that every job they take on is meticulously planned.

“You can start going about, but then you’re simply looking for things all over the place,” Dick explained.

“The objective here is to get your brain active.

“For me, tools and materials are always on the agenda.

“Because the decisions are being made, we have a concept of what we’re trying to do, but it’s about the tools and materials.

“After then, it’s a matter of ‘doing.’ When it comes to ‘doing,’ some talents are required.”

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The star of Escape to the Chateau revealed that his first project was building a greenhouse with his father when he was younger.

“However, by the end of the day, my father could barely lift his arm since it was all hammers and nails, and we had spent the entire day making it,” he explained.

“I believe the drill driver has changed the game in recent years.”

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